Located in Kalady, Ernakulam, Chelamattom Sree Krishna Swamy Temple is a famous temple in Kerala. Chelamattam Temple is recognized as one amongst the ten scheme temples. It is believed that Sree Sankaracharya worshiped Sree Krishna and Naramsimha Moorthy of this temple. The idol of Sree Krishna was changed from original daru-silpa to a sila-vigraha under the instructions of Sakthan Thampuran, Kochi King.

Location Kerala, Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram


According to the legends, King of Ambalappuzha had no children and so adopted a member from Veliyamkol Mana. At that time, the King took the initiative to built the Sree Kovil or Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple. According to another legend, once during a flood, a wooden box appeared in Periyar near Sree Anthimahakalan Temple. Members of a Pulaya family spotted the box first. But when women of the family tried to get to the box, it moved away, but stayed afloat without drifting away. So members of the Veliyamkol Mana was alerted. The head of the Veliyamkol Mana arrived and brought the box ashore. Inside was a beautiful statue of Lord Krishna. He took the idol to the mana and worshipped it. Later a temple was constructed as per directions of astrologers.


The temple has got a dwi-tala structure, because of two idols placed with equal importance. Sree Krishna is installed in the square eka-tala Sree Kovil facing east. This shrine is on the south. Sree Narasimha is installed in a Sree Kovil similar to Sree Krishna's, facing east and is on the north. The chuttambalam has got six entrances. There are two different balikal for each shrine, but the one for Lord Narasimha Moorthy is smaller. There are two bronze deepasthambhams or light posts with seven layers of lamps before Sree Krishna shrine and one bronze post with seven layers of lamps before Lord Narasimha Moorthy's Shrine. The dwarapalas on the entrance of the shrines are exquisite stone carvings.


Periyar plays a significant role in the cultural landscape of the State. Many social and religious movements happened on its banks, Aluva in particular. It is also considered the seat of Indian spirituality with the distinction of being the birth place of Adi Sankaracharya.

Darsan Info

The sub-shrine of Lord Sastha is on the south-west to the main shrines. The sub-shrine of Nagas is also on south-west and outside the chuttambalam. The hereditary ooralars or owners of the temple Veliyankol, Thottamatttam and Kaplingatt manas

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Darsan Dresscode

Traditonal Kerala dress, which includes dhoti for men and saree for women.  No electronic gadgets are allowed.

Temple Rituals

The temple is famous for pitru-tharpanam or oblations for manes. This is done on New Moond days in months of Thulam, Kumbham, Edavam and Karkidakam. The custom in the temple is that after bali tharpanam to manes, purifactory rites are done.

Special Rituals

There are no sacrificial altar in the temple premises, Deeparadhana, Utsavabali and Udayasthamana Pooja are not performed, the idol is not taken out without first invocation for procession during festivals etc. The earthen pots used for rituals.

Additional Info


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