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Chamundeswari Dasangam Dhoop Powder (₹45)

Chamundeswari Dasangam Dhoop Powder (₹45)
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Chamundeswari Dasangam Dhoop Powder is an essential addition to your pooja rituals. This aromatic blend, offered by Chamundeswari, is meticulously crafted for a spiritually enriching experience. Elevate your worship ceremonies with the calming fragrance of our dhoop powder, designed to create a divine ambiance. Enhance your sacred moments with the power of Chamundeswari. Ideal for poojas and rituals, this Chamundeswari Dasangam Dhoop Powder ensures a serene and spiritually enriching atmosphere. 

The Dasangam Dhoop Powder by Chamundeshwari is a popularly used Dhoop powder, which emanates a healing, divine fragrance. Typically, Dasangam is prepared using sandalwood or chandan powder, akil, agar, Sambrani, Mattipal and other natural ingredients. The aroma from Dasangam is believed to cure internal diseases.


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Manufacturer: Chamundeshwari

Weight: 50 gms

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