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"Enhance the bond of protection and spirituality with our Rudraksh Spatik Rakhi. Handcrafted with love, this exquisite rakhi features a central Rudraksh bead, symbolizing strength and peace. The soothing translucence of Spatik beads complements the divine Rudraksh beautifully. Celebrate this Raksha ..
"Embrace the bond of love with our Triple Protection Rakhi made from natural stones: Black Onyx, Tiger Eye, and Hematite. This unique rakhi not only exudes elegance but also provides a shield of positivity, strength, and protection. Celebrate the joy of siblinghood with this handcrafted masterpiece...
"Discover the charm of our Wealth Rakhi, meticulously crafted with natural stones for abundance and prosperity. This special Rakhi features the radiant Citrine for success, Tiger Eye for strength, Green Aventurine for luck, and Hematite for grounding energy. Embrace the essence of positivity and ble..
Embrace the mystical energy of Aquarius with our Zodiac Sign Bracelet. Crafted with the healing powers of Clear Quartz and Aquamarine, this celestial piece promotes tranquility and emotional balance. A protective Evil Eye bead in the center wards off negativity. Elevate your style while connecting t..
Channel the fierce energy of Aries with our Zodiac Sign Bracelet featuring genuine Ruby Zoisite, Labradorite, and a protective Evil Eye bead. This captivating bracelet harmonizes Aries traits, enhancing charisma and resilience. Crafted with exquisite gemstones, it showcases your Zodiac pride and ser..
Discover the power of the Cancer Zodiac Sign Bracelet crafted with Red Jasper and Green Aventurine, featuring an Evil Eye bead at its center. This exquisite bracelet resonates with Cancerians, enhancing their emotional strength and intuition. Red Jasper instills stability, while Green Aventurine pro..
Elevate your style and tap into your inner strength with our captivating Capricorn Zodiac Sign Bracelet. Crafted from powerful Carnelian and soothing Smokey Quartz beads, with a striking Evil Eye bead at its center for added protection. Embrace your ambitious and determined Capricorn nature while en..
Embrace the celestial energy with our exquisite Gemini Zodiac Sign Bracelet, adorned with enchanting Tourmaline Quartz and the captivating Blue Apatite gemstones. The centerpiece features a powerful Evil Eye bead for added protection. This stunning bracelet harmoniously aligns with the traits of the..
Embrace the celestial allure with our Leo Zodiac Sign Bracelet crafted with vibrant Citrine and grounding Tiger Eye gemstones. The centerpiece features a powerful Evil Eye bead for protection. Radiate confidence and positivity while connecting with your Leo zodiac energy. Each bracelet is handcrafte..
Discover harmony with our captivating Libra Zodiac Sign Bracelet crafted from African Turquoise and Blood Stone, enhanced with an enchanting Evil Eye bead at its center. Embrace the balance and grace of your Libra nature, as this unique bracelet complements your style and personality. Elevate your s..
Embrace the mystic allure of Pisces with our Zodiac Sign Bracelet. Crafted with genuine Moonstone and Amethyst gemstones, this enchanting piece exudes celestial energies that resonate with Pisces traits. The center Evil Eye bead provides protection and ward off negativity. Perfect for daily wear or ..
Discover the power of the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Bracelet, handcrafted with Sodalite and Chrysocolla gemstones to enhance your innate qualities. Adorned with a protective Evil Eye bead at the center, this stunning bracelet brings luck and wards off negativity. Embrace your adventurous spirit, optim..
Embrace the essence of Scorpio with our exquisite Zodiac Sign Bracelet crafted from Rhodonite and Garnet, adorned with a captivating Evil Eye bead at its center. Channel the passionate and intense energy of Scorpio while promoting emotional healing and protection. This unique piece blends style and ..
Embrace your inner strength and protection with our Taurus Zodiac Sign Bracelet crafted from Turquoise and Serpentine stones, accentuated by a powerful Evil Eye bead at the center. This unique bracelet combines the calming properties of Turquoise with the transformative energy of Serpentine, tailore..
Discover the perfect Virgo Zodiac Sign Bracelet crafted with Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli, adorned with a captivating Evil Eye bead at its center. Embrace the power of these gemstones, believed to enhance communication, harmony, and intuition for Virgos. Handcrafted with love, this bracelet not only c..
A string of semi-precious Amethyst beads that is believed to relieve anxiety and stress. The beads are carved out of rock from South India, retaining its natural properties.An Amethyst is good for addressing all the symptoms of a stressed body – poor digestive health, headaches and hormonal issues. ..
A bracelet of the milky Aquamarine stone imparts its calming effect to the wearer. While Aquamarine is abundantly found worldwide, this band is made of beads skilfully carved out of the stone found in India. Every bracelet is made from pure Aquamarine and so each bracelet is unique in itself. ..
Ward off negativity with this beaded bracelet of Black Onyx. This rare stone is procured from Rajasthan, India to create the beaded beauty that is believed to balance the wearer’s internal energies. Earlier believed to cause conflict, this stone is now believed to be have protective properties...
A band made of natural Carnelian semi-precious beads strung together to let you benefit the most from its healing effects. The beads are sourced from various parts of East India. Each bead is in its natural state, bringing out the beauty of the changes in the stone’s hues.Used ages ago by warriors, ..
The sparkling yellow Citrine beads bracelet offers as many benefits as perhaps the colour yellow. It rejuvenates the wearer by curing him/her of a range of ailments, including heart, sleep, digestion and thyroid issues. It is believed to help the wearer overcome depression and negativity. Thi..
The Evil Eye bracelet is made of Suleimani stones, which are a black stones with a metallic sheen, also known as Sulemani Hakik or Sulemani Agate. In Hindu and Vedic astrology, Suleimani stone is considered to be a powerful talisman for protection and good luck. It is believed to bring peace, ha..
A precious stone in Chinese tradition, the Green Aventurine is believed to bring prosperity to the wearer. This band, made of semi-precious Green Aventurine beads, may support the nervous system. It may help maintain a healthy metabolic rate and eventually, bless the wearer’s life with prosperity..
Made from Howlite beads, this bracelet is believed to alleviate insomnia, calm an overactive mind, balance calcium levels in the body, boost memory and stimulate a desire for knowledge. It is claimed to heal the mind of negative thoughts and bring emotional calmness. The Howlite stone is found all ..
An Emerald Jade bracelet that is said to heal and bring harmony and love to the wearer. The bracelet is made of semi-precious Jade stone. Ages ago, this hard stone was used to make tools. Today, it is a precious stone in Chinese culture. The stone is said to be very good for the Heart Chakra...
A bracelet made of Lava stone beads that is said to relieve the wearer of stress and anxiety. The Lava stone is used since ages and is known as a stone of rebirth due to its formation process. It is believed to stabilize the root chakra and in turn, boost positivity of the mind and body. Often..
The combination of Lava beads and Hematite beads balances the wearer’s chakras and energies.This unique combination of beads is said to heal pain, relieve the wearer of stress and anxiety and reduce negative emotions, like depression and anger. The Hematite stone is said to help the wearer see t..
The Mother of Pearl bracelet is one that brings out the gentler senses of the wearer from within.It is believed to stimulate intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability while also relieving the wearer of any stress. It is said to help the wearer relax and calm his or her emotions. It is als..
The semi-precious Peridot beads bracelet is said to reduce anxiety and keep negative energies at bay.This lime green stone is typically found in on volcanic areas or embedded in meteorites. The stone is believed to enable the wearer to feel the goodness of love and help cure many ailments related to..
The Red Agate bracelet is believed to stabilize one’s energy. It has an energy absorbing property, which works a lot like a human battery backup. It absorbs the excess energy and releases it back into the system when needed.  Red Agate was often used by warriors when in battle on their brea..
Made of stone sourced from India and Sri Lanka, the Rose Quartz beads are said to release emotional blockages.This pale pink bead is often used to aid with meditation. It is believed to emit strong vibrations of love, joy and emotional healing. It is said to heal relationship problems, improve mutua..
The Tiger Eye stone bracelet is believed to boost the wearer’s self-esteem, patience and tolerance.It is believed to protect the wearer and balance the Manipura Chakra. It can help bring mental clarity and focus. When worn in close contact with the skin, the Tiger Eye is said to improve the wearer’s..
The Turquoise bracelet is believed to protect the wearer from injuries and violence.This stone changes colour depending on the negativities surrounding the wearer. It is believed to help align the various chakras. It can cure depression, mental stress and other problems, while boosting immunity and ..
The combination of Lava stone beads and Rudraksha is believed to ward of the bad influences of the Navagraha.It is said to boost the wearer’s spiritual power, courage, confidence and stability. It is considered to have protective powers.The Lava beads are sourced from Maharashtra and Rudraksha bea..
This elegantly designed Rudraksha bracelet with silver bead caps serves the dual purpose of transmitting the protective benefits of the Rudraksha while giving the wearer a touch of shimmery style. The silver is believed to have a calming effect on the wearer, accentuating the positive benefits o..
Rudraksha works as a protective guard against negative energies. It provides stability and support to those who are always on the go. Many use the Rudraksha to aid with meditation.It is believed that the Rudraksha can aid to heal ailments, like skin irritations and itchiness.This Rudraksha bracel..
The Spatik Rudraksha Bracelet or the Rudraksha Quartz Bracelet is believed to ward off black magic and negative energy.Specifically, the Quartz is useful for the third eye chakra and to ensure clarity of the psychic vision. It is a stone that is believed to enhance the psychic vision.In this brac..
This Lava bracelet combines the healing benefits of all the stones for the wearer’s overall health and well-being. The center is made of the various stones – the Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Jade, Aventurine, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst – each one doing its part in healing the weare..
The Money Magnet bracelet is made using Green Aventurine, Citrine and Tiger Eye natural stones. These bracelets are believed to be designed to bring good luck, wealth, and abundance. Wearing a money magnet bracelet may have a positive impact on one's mindset and motivation.  It combine..
The combination of the Tiger Eye stone and beads for the 7 Chakras, is believed to work on various levels of the human spiritual plane. It is believed capable of improving the physical strength of the spine, detoxify the body via the 7 Chakras, boost spiritual growth, boost creativity and mould ..
The Black Obsidian bracelet is said to attract wealth and in Feng Shui, it is used for protection and a spiritual connection.The Black Obsidian stone is formed when molten lava cools very quickly. This shiny stone is said to absorb negative energies and negate them into the earth. As it comes dir..
The Tulsi-Lava beads bracelet is said to purify the mind and body.Tulsi beads are believed to have healing power. It is believed to help remove toxins from the wearer’s body by reducing blood cholesterol and blood pressure. They can also relieve the wearer of mental stress.Combined with the Lava b..
The rare combination of Tulsi and Spatik beads is considered to be auspicious in Hinduism and Buddhism. Each type of bead is believed to bring its own unique benefits. Tulsi beads, which are made from the wood of the Tulsi plant, are considered to be sacred in Hinduism. The Tulsi plant is b..
Enhance your space with the mesmerizing Amethyst Small Tree, standing at 2 inches high. This captivating gemstone tree combines the beauty of Amethyst crystals with the tranquility of a miniature tree. Its intricate branches are adorned with authentic Amethyst chips, creating a stunning display. Per..
Introducing our exquisite Black Onyx Small Tree, standing at a captivating height of 2 inches. Crafted with utmost precision and featuring a sleek black onyx design, this decorative piece adds elegance and charm to any space. Whether as a centerpiece or a stylish accent, this small tree brings a tou..
Enhance your living space with the exquisite charm of our Black Rulite Small Tree. Standing at 2 inches high, this meticulously crafted decorative piece adds a touch of elegance to any room. With its intricate black rulite gemstone detailing, this tree symbolizes growth and stability. Perfect for gi..
Introducing our Carnelian Small Tree, a captivating piece of natural beauty! Standing at 2 inches high, this mesmerizing gemstone tree boasts vibrant carnelian stones, carefully handcrafted to create a stunning display. Each branch features delicate leaves and is meticulously placed on a sturdy base..
Enhance your space with our exquisite Citrine Small Tree. Standing at 2 inches high, this captivating piece embodies elegance and positivity. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the miniature tree features lustrous citrine gemstones, known for their energizing and abundance-attracting p..
Enhance your space with the mesmerizing beauty of our Green Fluorite Small Tree. Standing at 2 inches high, this exquisite decorative piece features natural Green Fluorite crystals arranged delicately on a sturdy wire tree structure. The vibrant green hues of the Fluorite crystals promote balance an..
Introducing our exquisite Green Jade Small Tree, standing at 2 inches high. Crafted with care, this captivating piece showcases the timeless beauty of Green Jade, known for its harmonizing and protective properties. Its compact size makes it perfect for adorning any space, be it your office desk or ..
Introducing the Lapiz Small Tree, standing at a charming 2 inches high. Crafted with precision, this miniature wonder adds a touch of nature to your space. Hand-painted with intricate details, the Lapiz Small Tree is a perfect collectible or gift. Its compact size fits beautifully on shelves, desks,..
Introducing the Lebrodorite Small Tree, a captivating addition to your décor. Standing at 2 inches high, this exquisite tree showcases the mesmerizing beauty of lebrodorite gemstones. Each tree is meticulously handcrafted, accentuating the unique blend of iridescent hues and natural patterns. Perfec..
Enhance your space with the natural beauty of our Red Jasper Small Tree. Standing at 2 inches high, this exquisite handcrafted piece brings grounding and stability to your surroundings. The captivating red jasper stones are meticulously arranged on a sturdy wire frame, creating a harmonious balance...
Introducing our exquisite Rose Quartz Small Tree, standing 2 inches high. Crafted with precision, this enchanting decor piece combines the calming properties of Rose Quartz with the elegance of a miniature tree. Ideal for enhancing positive energy and promoting love and harmony in any space. Its com..
Enhance your spiritual journey with our exquisite Rudraksh Small Tree. Standing at a height of 2 inches, this sacred symbol of Lord Shiva captures the essence of divine energy. Each Rudraksh bead is meticulously crafted to ensure authenticity and purity. Imbued with positive vibrations, this miniatu..
Enhance your space with the mesmerizing beauty of our Yellow Aventurine Small Tree. Standing at 2 inches high, this exquisite gemstone tree exudes positive energy and vitality. Handcrafted with care, each tree features stunning yellow aventurine gemstone leaves and a sturdy wire trunk. Perfect for h..
Experience the power of positivity and good fortune with our Zibu Lucky Coin. This intricately designed coin is adorned with ancient Zibu symbols, known for their ability to attract luck and abundance. Carry this lucky charm with you wherever you go to enhance your positive energy and ma..
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