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Brand: Pilgrimaide
Kansa Pooja Katori/Vati (2 inches diameter) is crafted from pure kansa/bronze, essential for daily pooja rituals. Its traditional design enhances the sanctity of worship spaces, bringing auspiciousness and purity. Ideal for holding sacred offerings, this authentic piece ensures a spiritually enrichi..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Kansa Taal/Manjeera, with a 3 inch diameter, crafted from kansa/bronze, offers authentic sound for Indian classical music. Ideal for traditional performances or spiritual practices, this instrument resonates cultural heritage. Experience rich tones and durable craftsmanship. Perfect for musicians an..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Kansa Taal/Manjeera, Diameter 4 Inches: Crafted from authentic kansa/bronze, this traditional percussion instrument produces vibrant sounds essential for Indian classical music performances. Its compact 4-inch diameter makes it portable yet impactful. Ideal for musicians and enthusiasts alike. Disco..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Pooja Ghanti with Carved Wooden Handle, 5 Inches - Crafted from authentic Kansa (Bronze), this bell resonates purity in daily pooja rituals. The intricately carved wooden handle adds a traditional touch. Embrace sacredness with this divine artifact. Perfect for home altars. Elevate your spiritual pr..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Kansa Bronze Pooja Ghanti, 5.5 inches tall with a carved wooden handle, embodies traditional craftsmanship. Made of authentic kansa/bronze, it enriches daily pooja rituals with its resonant sound. Perfect for invoking divine energies, this bell adds sacred charm to your spiritual practice. Elevate y..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Pooja Ghanti: 7-Inch Kansa/Bronze Bell with Carved Wooden Handle. Essential for daily pooja rituals, this authentic bell resonates with spiritual significance. Crafted from kansa/bronze, its soothing chime invites divine blessings. Elevate your spiritual practice with this timeless artifact. Ideal f..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Experience divine resonance with our Kansa/Bronze Bell/Pooja Ghanti. Crafted from authentic kansa/bronze, adorned with intricate engravings, and featuring a carved wooden handle, it's ideal for daily pooja rituals. Elevate your spiritual practice with this sacred artifact...
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Kansa/Bronze Hanging Bell/Ghanti, Height 4.5 Inches - Crafted from authentic kansa/bronze, this bell enriches daily pooja rituals with its soothing resonance. Hang it in your sacred space for a serene ambiance. Ideal for spiritual practices, meditation, and home decor. Elevate your spiritual ambianc..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
Tibetan Om (Aum) Bell, standing 7 inches tall is accompanied by a wooden stick for ringing. Revered for its spiritual significance, resonating Om symbolizes cosmic unity and inner peace. Perfect for meditation or decor. Elevate your space with this timeless artifact.This bell is made of seven metals..
Brand: Pilgrimaide
"Tibetan Singing Bowl, 6-inch Diameter (Black) - Crafted from kansa/bronze, this authentic bowl resonates with rich cultural heritage. Includes wooden stick for enchanting melodies. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, and sound therapy. Elevate your spiritual practice with this timeless instrument. ..
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