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25 Jan Chota Char Dham Yatra
admin 0 3095
Char Dham of Himalayas Legend Originally, Char Dham referred to a pilgrimage route comprising of four prominent temples at the four corners of the c..
25 Jan Ashtavinayak Yatra
admin 0 5241
Ashtavinayak darshan Legend Eight of the temples in Maharashtra which have Swayambhu (self-existant) idols form the Ashtavinayak circuit. These temp..
25 Jan Nalambala Darshanam
admin 0 3421
Hailing the chants of Ramayana Legend Along with the rains, the month of Karkidakom, since time immemorial, is associated with famine, illness and h..
25 Jan Mukti Kshetra Darshan, Karnataka
admin 0 3371
In search of salvation Legend Parashurama, after the annihilation of Kshatriyas, donated the land he conquered to Sage Kashyap. He then claimed the ..
25 Jan Panch Kedar Yatra
admin 0 3181
A Himalayan homage Legend The Pandavas after the war of Kurukshetra, went in search of Shiva to ask pardon for the sins of fratricide. Shiva, avoide..
25 Jan Kanchipuram Divya Desam Yatra
admin 0 3353
Kanchi Divya Desam yatra - At the feet of Narayana Legend Idolised in Vaishnavism are the twelve alwar/azhvar Tamil poet-saints who helped revive th..
25 Jan Shaktipeethas
admin 0 2960
Ethereal forms of the Divine Mother Legend Daksha, unhappy with his daughter Sati's marriage to Lord Shiva, refused to invite Shiva to the yagna he ..
25 Jan Sabarimala Ayyappa Darshan Yatra
admin 0 2816
The 18 steps to the Divine Legend The legend of Sabarimala revolves around the royal family of Panadalam. The adopted prince Manikandan was sent to ..
25 Jan Pancha Bootha Stalam Yatra
admin 0 3849
The five cosmic elements Legend The five elements of nature are believed to be enshrined in the five lingams in the Pancha Boota temples.  These fiv..
25 Jan Amarnath Yatra
admin 0 3187
The cave of the Supreme Legend Mythological legends describe the cave as the holy place where Lord Shiva disclosed to Parvati devi the secrets of th..
25 Jan Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
admin 0 3418
Where the Lord dwells Legend The peaks of Kailash has been the core of devotion since ancient time. Most of the stories of mythology considered Kali..
25 Jan Navagraha Yatra, Tamil Nadu
admin 0 3131
The celestial abodes Legend Mythology describes that Sage Kalava who was suffering from leprosy prayed to the Navagrahas. The planets pleased with h..
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