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Lava Bracelet (₹200.00)

Lava Bracelet (₹200.00)

A bracelet made of Lava stone beads that is said to relieve the wearer of stress and anxiety.

The Lava stone is used since ages and is known as a stone of rebirth due to its formation process. It is believed to stabilize the root chakra and in turn, boost positivity of the mind and body. Often, these stones are used along with essential oils to heal the wearer and improve the sleep pattern.

This stone is strung in an elastic band so the wearer can gain the benefits of this natural stone by wearing it close to the skin. The stone is sourced from Maharashtra, India.

Product details:

Gender: Unisex

Bead size: 8 mm

Elastic band

Lava stone sourced from: India

Tags: Natural Stone