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Gemini Zodiac Sign Bracelet (₹960)

Gemini Zodiac Sign Bracelet (₹960)

Gemini Zodiac Sign Bracelet - adorned with enchanting Tourmaline Quartz and the captivating Blue Apatite gemstones. The centerpiece features a powerful Evil Eye bead for added protection. This stunning bracelet harmoniously aligns with the traits of the adaptable and communicative Gemini sign. Elevate your style and spiritual connection while embracing the cosmic essence. Ideal gift for Geminis! Shop now and unleash the power of the stars.

The dual-natured Gemini needs something to balance the inner duality and this bracelet helps them do so. The combination of the Tourmaline Quartz and the Blue Apatite from the phosphate mineral category protects the empathetic Gemini from negative emotions and helps the Gemini to better understand the self. The Tourmaline Quartz can heal the nervous system of the anxious Gemini and the Blue Apatite can support the creative side.


Product details:

2 semi-precious gemstone beads: Tourmaline Quartz and Blue Apatite

1 Evil Eye bead

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