Located at Kunnathoor, Kollam, Kerala, Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada Temple is the only temple in South India dedicated to Duryodhana. The temple is popularly known as Peruviruthy Malanada or Malanada. There is no deity, nor a 'Sreekovil' in Malanada temple. There is only a raised platform called 'Althara' or 'Mandapam'.

Location Kerala, Quilon, Thiruvananthapuram


According to the legends, while the Pandavas were in exile, Duryodhanan searched the southern forests for them and reached the hills. He was tired and asked for water from nearby Kaduthamsserry Kottaram, where Malanada Appoppan, the priest and ruler of the land was staying. An aged lady offered Duryodhanan toddy as a mark of respect. He drank the toddy. The attire and ornaments of the lady told the King that the woman belonged to untouchable Kurava caste. However, Duryodhanan, as a sign of gratitude for helping him, ignore it. He sat on the hill and worshipped Lord Shiva. Duryodhanan gave away 100s of acres of agricultural land and paddy fields as freehold to the 'Devasthanam' as an act of charity. Even at present, the land tax is being levied in the name of 'Duryodhanan'.


There is no temple at the site. Just an open platform where there is no idol either. It is just open nature. However, there is a stone mandapam for the devotees to stand and worship. The Kadumathassery Kottaram is a traditional Kerala house, which is a tiled-structure made according to traditional Kerala architecture, featuring tiled and slanting roof on wooden beams.


Kollam is home for art and culture, as the land has given birth to many writers, musicians and artists. It also used to be a major commercial centre, thanks to the Thangassery harbour that had business connection with Portuguese and Dutch. It was the first cosmopolitan town before the emergence of Kochi.

Darsan Info

While installing the 'thara' to worship, King Duryodhanan also ensured that Gandhari, the Royal Mother; Dussala, his sister; Karnan, his close associate and 'Angarajan',  Dronar, his 'Guru' and the other members of his family were properly and adequately aboded and worshipped in the nearby places and members of the 'Kurava' caste are priests in all such places. He also presented hundreds of acres of agricultural land and paddy fields as freehold to the 'Devasthanam'.  Even now the land tax of the above property is being levied in the name of 'Duryodhanan'.

Darsan Dresscode

No specific dress code, but preferably Kerala dress of mundu or dhothi for men and saree for women

Temple Rituals

Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada Devaswom keeps a Gold Flag (Swarnakkodi), which marks the status symbol of Malanada Appooppan, under high security. It is the sign of the power and authority of the Mannan - The Ruler. The public can get a glimpse of the same only on auspicious days like 'Kodiyettu Day' and 'Malakkuda Maholsavam Day'. It is believed that the 'Darshan' of the Swarnakkodi brings home goodness and prosperity.

Special Rituals

Legends have it that Lord Mahavishnu had 'Asura Dosha', which could be cured only through rituals done by Velan community. Since no one was to be found in three worlds, Lord Shiva appeared as Velan, Parvathy as Velathy and their sons Ganapathi and Subramanian as Bhoothagangal and did the procedure known as Pallippana. At Malanada, the Pallippana is performed without fail once in 12 years. It is believed that this observance elates the divine power of 'Malanada Appooppan' and makes the people of the seven 'Karas' rich and prosperous.

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