According to the legends, on his way to Lanka, Lord Rama promised Vayudeva (god of Wind), father of Anjaneya to visit him again on his return journey to Ayodhya. To welcome Lord Rama, Vayudeva tied across the river from one top of the hill to the other. Lord Rama drew a picture of Anajaneya on a rock with the end of his bow before leaving the place. The image has no little finger. While doing the picture, blood began to flow from the image and Lord Rama stopped there. The image was installed by Vyasarisshi. The image at the feet of lord Anjaneya is that of Udgavi Acharyulu  or Gandi Acharyulu. It is Udgavi Acharyulu who first constructed the sanctum sanctorum and brought the temple to the notice of the public. He has inscribed his name on the rock by the side of Anjaneya as vasantacharyulu.


The temple is build based on Dravidian style architecture. The temple gopuram has images of Hindu gods and lots of animal images. The Hanuman idol is made on single black marble stone.The temple flooring is made of rock stand stone.


Kadapa (formerly known as Cuddapah) is a city in the Rayalseema region of the south-central part of the Andhra Pradesh, India.The rich cultural heritage of the city is on a populous display in Kadapa during its festival season. Sankranthi, the celebration of the first harvest in the state of Andhra finds a special place in the heart of the entire population of the city. In addition, Diwali, Eid, and Christmas are also celebrated on an appreciable scale. Kite flying is an important activity during Sankranthi. The locals love their spicy South Indian cuisine and a myriad of hotels serves multi cuisine dishes.

Darsan Info

06:00 AM to 02:00 PM and from 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Darsan Dresscode

Wear modest clothes and avoid shorts for men

Temple Rituals

Morning pooja and arati starts from morning 06:00 AM onwards. Thereafter, daily seva's to be performed in the temple.