Dodda Ganesha Temple, also known as Satya Ganesha or Shakti Ganapathi temple is one of the most famous Vinayaka Temple in Bangalore. The name Dodda (Big) came because of the huge size of Ganesha idol in the temple, whose height is 18 feet and width is 16 feet. The temple is located at Basavanagudi and was constructed by Kempegowda I, the founder of Bangalore. It is believed that the idol of Lord Ganesha at this Temple is growing on its right side.

Location Bull Temple Road,Basavanagudi,Bangalore


Legend goes that Kempe Gowda, founder of Bangalore, once while strolling, found a boulder that had the shape of Lord Ganesha. Kempegowda, therefore ordered his sculptors to convert the shape into a massive as well as fantastic single stone idol of Lord Ganesha.


The temple built by Kempe Gowda, a typical example of the Dravidian-style temple, is situated in Basavanagudi. The temple has a huge Ganesha idol that has been carved out of single granite rock . The size of the ganesha idol is overwhelmingly growing every year. Its modern Gopuram rises, gracefully and majestically.


Bangalore city is also known as garden city of India. The city has beautifully blended its rich cultural heritage. The city though being considered the IT Capital of the country is undergoing a revival of age-old traditional art forms. This fusion of the old and the new can be seen in every aspect of Bangalore culture, right from its theatre to its arts and crafts and gives the city a cosmopolitan character.

Darsan Dresscode 

Visitors are requested to wear modest clothing. No shorts are allowed (even for men).

Darsan Info 

Temple timings:

Morning 6.30 AM to 12.30 PM and Evening: 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Everyday different kind of poojas and seva are going on for the Lord but one do need to get a ticket from temple counter to offer pooja to Lord Ganesha.

Special Rituals 

One of the most famous ritual is the butter coating (Benne Alankara) to the idol on special days

Temple Rituals

Daily Morning Abisheka, Benne Alankara, kshirabhishekam are the main temple rituals. 

Additional Info

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