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Shree Ganesha White Rangoli Powder 200gms (₹15)

Shree Ganesha White Rangoli Powder 200gms (₹15)

Shree Ganesh White Rangoli Powder is your essential companion for enhancing the sanctity of Pooja rituals. This premium white rangoli powder is meticulously crafted for effortless application, creating intricate and vibrant patterns that add a divine touch to your sacred space. Elevate your spiritual experience during festivals, ceremonies, and daily rituals with Shree Ganesh White Rangoli Powder. Embrace tradition and spirituality with every sprinkle.

Rangoli is drawn in front of the home in India to welcome Goddess Laxmi. It is believed to bring in positivity and liveliness. Typically, white rangoli is used to draw the outline of the creative and then filled in with colour. There are many different types of rangoli that women in India draw. 

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