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Shrimad Bhagvatgita Gitapress,Gorakhpur Gujarati (₹25)

Shrimad Bhagvatgita Gitapress,Gorakhpur Gujarati (₹25)

Shrimad Bhagvatgita Gitapress, Gorakhpur Gujarati edition, unveils the timeless wisdom of Lord Krishna's teachings in Gujarati. Immerse in divine guidance and spiritual insights for a meaningful life.

The Holy book of Hinduism – the Bhagvad Gita teaches the mastery of our own minds, the importance of pursuing our dharma truthfully and unapologetically, and how to embrace life for what it is. This Gita is written in Gujarati.

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Product Details:

Publisher: Gitapress

No. of Pages: 286

Language: Gujarati

Binding: Paperback

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