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Shanivar Vrat katha (₹25)

Shanivar Vrat katha (₹25)

Discover the spiritual essence of Shanivar Vrat Katha, a sacred narrative that unfolds the significance of Saturday worship. Immerse yourself in timeless tales, rituals, and divine blessings, fostering a deeper connection to spirituality. Explore the profound teachings and traditions with our Shanivar Vrat Katha, bringing serenity and enlightenment to your spiritual journey.

Many Hindus fast every Saturday. Typically, it is believed to be done to please Lord Shani. This booklet contains the story or katha associated with the Shanivar vrat.


Observing this fast is believed to keep away hurdles and misfortunes of life. People who have Shanidev’s Sadesati, Dahiya, Mahadasha, or Antardasha are asked to observe the fast to please the God of Justice and Karma. If one succeeds in pleasing the Lord Shani, it is believed that he or she become happy and lives a peaceful, healthy and wealthy life.

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Product Details:

Includes Tantrik yantra, Shani Chalisa and Aarti

Publisher: Garg & Co. Booksellers

No. of Pages: 24

Language: Hindi

Binding: Paperback

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