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Om Shanthi Pure Camphor 50gms (₹90)

Om Shanthi Pure Camphor 50gms (₹90)

Om Shanthi Pure Camphor 50gms, crafted by the esteemed Cycle brand, is a divine addition to your daily pooja rituals. These aromatic Kapoor tablets bring purity and serenity, enhancing spiritual moments. Trust in Cycle's legacy for quality. Elevate your worship experience with the soothing essence of Om Shanthi Pure Camphor.

Hindus burn camphor or kapoor during prayer time with a belief that it can ward off evil and bring in positivity. The use of camphor can remove negative energy and boost positive energy, bringing happiness and prosperity. Typically, camphor is burned on a leaf or in a kapoor dani during prayer time. The aroma emanated by camphor can help treat congestion and coughing and also purify the air. 

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