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Kashi Kumkum Roli (₹25)

Kashi Kumkum Roli (₹25)
Kashi Kumkum Roli (₹25)

Bhavani Shankar's Kashi Kumkum Roli - Imbued with sacred significance, this premium vermilion blend enhances the spiritual aura of your worship. Carefully crafted for auspicious occasions, our Kashi Kumkum Roli is a symbol of devotion and tradition. Experience divine blessings as you incorporate this sacred powder into your daily rituals. Elevate your spiritual journey with Bhavani Shankar – your trusted companion in worship.

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  • Model: 5358
  • Weight: 40.00g
  • Dimensions: 4.00cm x 4.00cm x 0.00cm
  • SKU: 5358