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Shrimad Bhagvatgita Gitapress,Gorakhpur Gujarati (₹35)

Shrimad Bhagvatgita Gitapress,Gorakhpur Gujarati (₹35)

Shrimad Bhagvatgita Gitapress, Gorakhpur Gujarati edition, unveils the timeless wisdom of Lord Krishna's teachings in Gujarati. Immerse in divine guidance and spiritual insights for a meaningful life.

The Holy book of Hinduism – the Bhagvad Gita teaches the mastery of our own minds, the importance of pursuing our dharma truthfully and unapologetically, and how to embrace life for what it is. This 286-page Gita is written in Gujarati.

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Product Details:

Publisher: Gitapress

No. of Pages: 286

Language: Gujarati

Binding: Paperback

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