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Shivpuran Kathasar Gitapress,Gorakhpur (₹30)

Shivpuran Kathasar Gitapress,Gorakhpur (₹30)

Embark on a profound spiritual journey with the Shivpuran Kathasar by Gitapress, Gorakhpur. Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives of Lord Shiva's divine glory and wisdom. This edition, meticulously curated, promises an enriching exploration of Hindu mythology and spirituality.

The 160-page Shivpuran Kathasar by Gitapress is a compressed version of the Shivmahapuran. It is a synopsis of the content of the complete Shiv Puran. The Shivmahapuran is one among the 18 Mahapuranas of Hinduism, which talks about spirituality, knowledge and devotion.


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Product Details:

Shiv Mahapuran-Ek Sinhavlokan

Publisher: Gitapress, Gorakhpur

No. of Pages: 160

Language: Hindi

By Radheshyam Khemka

Binding: Paperback


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