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Mangalashtak (₹20)

Mangalashtak (₹20)

Mangalashtak, a sacred wedding mantra, encapsulates blessings for marital bliss and harmony. Explore the profound verses and rituals, invoking auspicious energies to sanctify your union.

The 32-page paperback consists of the Mangalshtake or the traditional Marathi wedding song. The Mangalashtake is a form of marriage ceremony in Maharashtra and is considered an auspicious song that brings good luck and happiness to the newlyweds. The song is played during the wedding ceremony and is sung by the bride's family to welcome the groom and his family.

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Product Details:

Publisher: Tukaram Book Depot

Editor: Alankar Bharti

No. of Pages: 32

Language: Marathi

Binding: Paperback

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