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Ashtottarshat Namavali (₹15)

Ashtottarshat Namavali (₹15)

Ashtottarshat Namavali showcases a collection of 108 divine names, inviting spiritual resonance and serenity. Immerse in the sacred power of these revered names.

Ashtottara Shatanamavali is a collection of 108 names of God or Goddess, which are chanted during various Hindu festivals and rituals. For example, the 108 names of Lord Anantha are chanted during Ananta Chaturdashi vrata, which falls in Bhadrapada Month as per the Hindu calendar. The purpose of chanting these names is to invoke the blessings of the deity and to seek their protection and guidance.

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Product Details:

No. of Pages: 64

Language: Marathi

Binding: Paperback

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