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This 12-inch Japmala is made using Gumchidana – a kind of herb plant. It has 108 beads, as needed for conducting jap as per Hindu practices.The Gumchidana mala is believed to ward of the evil and protect the wearer. Some also believe that the Gumchidana can warn the wearer of any upcoming proble..
The Turmeric Mala or Haldi Mala helps to perform unique petitions and to annihilate foes. In Hindu sacred writing wearing turmeric mala cures sickness like Jaundice. With this Turmeric mala jap, one can achieve true serenity and dispose of nervousness, melancholy, and strains.Product Details:10..
Japamala, also known as jaap maala or simply mala, is a loop of prayer beads commonly used in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. It is traditionally used with japa meditation (mantra chanting) to count repetitions of 108 mantras or prayers. Japamala beads are typicall..
Typically, people use the Kamal Gatta Japmala to please the Goddess Laxmi. It is believed that Kamal Gatta symbolises spirituality and prosperity. It is also believed to help ensure peace. This 32-inch Japmala is made by stringing together 108 Kamal Gatta or Dried Lotus Sees together with knot..
The Karangali Japmala is made of black natural beads and is believed to be a sacred when used for the daily chants.  The all-natural japmala is used in many Indian homes for jap. The mala is strung together in a red thread, which is also believed to be sacred.   Pair thi..
Magnet Mala is a necklace made of high-quality healing magnets., Wearing a Magnet Mala is believed to alleviate chronic fatigue symptoms, stress, and is believed to be effective for patients with high blood pressure, joint pains and other physical disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, bacter..
This plain beige wooden beads japmala is light weight and also used commonly by people. It consists of the usual 108 beads with knots between every bead.  Product Details: 108 beads..
This dark-brown wooden beads premium japmala is made using high-quality beads and threads. Weighing only 23 gms, this 18-inch mala does not break easily. Devotees typically go for this japmala if they are to chant daily. Product details:Weight: 23 gmsLength: 18 inch..
This Japmala is made of light-brown wooden beads inscribed with ‘Ram.’ Ram devotees may prefer using this 14-inch Japmala for their daily chants. The beads are strung together with a red thread but without any knots between the beads. Product details:Weight: 17 gms Length: 14 inch..
This light-brown wooden beads Japmala has ‘Ram’ inscribed on every bead. The lightweight wooden beads are strung together with a red thread and with knots between each bead. Ram devotees may prefer using this 19-inch Japmala for their daily chants.Product details:Weight: 21 gms Le..
Enhance your spiritual practice with our exquisite Red Chandan Japmala. Crafted with beads resembling the captivating hue of red chandan, this unique japmala offers a distinctive experience. Made from high-quality materials, it exudes elegance and durability. Each bead holds sacred vibrations that p..
This is an 18-inch Japmala made of panch-mukhi/5-mukhi Rudraksha beads and large, smooth spatik beads. People typically use panch-mukhi rudraksha japmala for their daily Lord Shiva chants, which remove negativities. Meawhile, this combination of rudraksha and spatik beads can help ensure calmnes..
This 17-inch japmala is made of 5-mukhi Rudraksha. People typically use panch-mukhi rudraksha japmala for their daily Lord Shiva chants, which remove negativities. Some also wear this mala round their neck. The Rudraksha bead acts like a protective guard that safeguards its wearer from negative ..
The Rudraksha Japmala is made using 108 Rudraksha beads strung together with knots between each bead.  People often wear the Rudraksha mala round their neck, with the belief that it can help maintain physical and mental balance. It is also believed that the Rudraksha mala can boost spiritu..
The Spatik beads japmala is made of 108 spatik beads. It is used by people for their jap when faced with financial issues.It is believed that using a Spatik japmala can help remove poverty, and improve overall health of the person and his family.  Product Details:108 beadsWeight: 90 gms..
This handmade Tulsi Kanti mala is 11 inches long and made using tulsi beads. It is believed that Tulsi  can cure all illnesses. Those who chant the Maha-mantra may wear this mala. Even those who chant the Hare Krishna Maha Manthra can also use this mala. Product Details:Weight: 4 gmsLength:..
The 17-inch Tulsi Mala is made using dark-coloured tulsi beads with knots tied between each bead. Each cylindrical bead has its own distinct shape. It is believed that Tulsi beads can purify the mind, body and spirit. It can emit positive vibrations in a person’s aura. Hence, many use a Tulsi ma..
This flat tulsi beads japmala weighs only 16 gms. It is made of Tulsi beads. Many people wear this mala around the neck or wrist. Most use it for their everyday jap.Product Details:108 beads Length: 16 inch..
The Vaijanthi Japmala is made of 108 seeds or white beads of the Vaijanthi plant. Many people wear this mala around the neck with the belief that it will ward off negative energies. It is believed that the it holds the power to balances all kinds of Doshas in your kundali. It brings faith and pe..
This White Gumchidana Japmala has 108 beads, just like all japmalas. The White Gumchidana is known to ward off negativity and alleviate fearful thoughts. There are health benefits of rubbing the Gumchidana on the palm or wearing it around your hand or neck too. Product Details:108 beadsLength: 1..
This Japmala potli is made in polyester-mix fabric with a digital print. Each bag comes with a different print under the common theme of Lord Krishna. This lightweight bag has a handle at the top. Many people use such bags to conveniently complete their jap or daily chants while travelling.&n..
This Japmala Potli is made of soft fabric and has a print of Radha-Krishna in black outline. The chant ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare’ is printed on this cylindrical-shaped orange-yellow potli with a handle. It is a useful purchase for Krishna devotees who do a daily..
This Japmala potli is plain yellow in colour with a strap at the top. It is made of polyester-mix fabric and is easy to wash. These bags are convenient to use as people can simply place their japmala in this bag and hang the potli around their wrist – enabling them to do their jap as they tr..
This three fold japmala bag made in yellow fabric with zari border is an elegantly attractive bag for your japmala. It is easy to use when sitting in one place for your daily chants.  Japmala bags can come with Radha Krishna prints or embroidery but this elegant bag is great for everyday u..
This counting machine has a digital display and a small button to be pressed for every count. Many people use a counting machine instead of a traditional japmala to keep track of their chants. The machine is easy to carry and use. ..
This mechanical counting machine can enable the user to keep count of the number of times they have chanted or done their jap. Some people prefer using this instead of the traditional Japmala for their daily jap or chanting. The machine can count upto four-digit numbers. Usage is easy – one ..
The original Teen-Mukhi/ 3-Faced Rudraksha Bead is believed to make the wearer pure and spiritual. It is believed to help the wearer attain salvation. The 3-Faced Rudraksha is believed capable of eliminating the past bad karmas. Moreover, this 3-Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to symbolise Bramha-Vi..
The most commonly-found Panch-Mukhi/ 5-Faced Rudraksha Bead is believed be blessed by Lord Shiva. The 35-Faced Rudraksha is believed to be capable of eliminating the wearer’s sins when worn with complete devotion. Moreover, this 5-Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to improve heart health and alleviate ..
This original Saat-Mukhi Rudraksha bead weighs 55 gms and comes packed in a box. Saat-Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to be a powerful guard against negativity and black magic. It is believed that this Rudraksha can bring stability to life, with a stable career and relationships. The bead is believe..
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