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Dry Dhoop

Amber Loban 50gms from S Mansukhlal & Co. is a divine Loban crystal, weighing 50gms. Perfect for daily pooja rituals, its aromatic essence creates a sacred atmosphere. Elevate your spiritual experience with this exquisite product. Embrace purity and tradition in every prayer. Ideal for meditatio..
Chamundeswari Dasangam Dhoop Powder (₹45)
Brand: Chamundeswari
Chamundeswari Dasangam Dhoop Powder is an essential addition to your pooja rituals. This aromatic blend, offered by Chamundeswari, is meticulously crafted for a spiritually enriching experience. Elevate your worship ceremonies with the calming fragrance of our dhoop powder, designed to create a divi..
Brand: Manohar
Discover the captivating essence of Manohar Shuddha Loban Oudh, presented in small crystals format and encased in a convenient plastic jar. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance of this premium incense resin, renowned for its calming and purifying properties. Elevate your spiritual rituals an..
Brand: Manohar
Manohar Shudha Dhoop, in a convenient PET plastic container, offers 50gms of premium loban dhoop with sizable crystals. Ideal for enhancing pooja rituals, its pure fragrance creates a divine atmosphere. Elevate your spiritual experience with this sacred blend. Embrace tranquility and tradition in ev..
Rose Incense Powder from S Mansukhlal & Co. infuses your daily pooja with the soothing essence of rose. Elevate your spiritual experience with this fragrant dhoop powder, crafted for divine rituals. Immerse in the divine aura as the floral aroma envelops your sacred space. Perfect for daily devo..
S.M Bakhoor Rub Al Gulab Incense Bricks - Immerse your space in luxury with these bakhoor incense bricks, boasting the captivating fragrance of rose petals and oriental spices. Elevate your ambiance with S.M Bakhoor...
S.M Bakhoor Sultan Palace Incense Bricks offer a majestic sensory experience. Crafted by S.M, this pack contains premium bakhoor incense bricks that elevate your space with their rich and enchanting aroma. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Sultan Palace with these fragrant treasures. Elevate your ..
S.M. Gum Benzoin Loban Powder (₹200)
-25 %
The Loban powder by S.M. Mansukhlal & Co. is a pure loban powder. It can be burnt in a dhoop holder. The scent emanated by this loban powder is a mix of earthy and musky scent – a sweet-spicy fragrance...
₹150.00 ₹200.00
The Lavender Incense Powder by S. Mansukhlal & Co. is a floral fragrance. It emanates a mild Lavender fragrance on burning. It can uplift one’s mood and also work as an air freshner.The powder can be used with an incense burner, a tea light candle or a Sambrani cup...
The Oudh Incense Powder by S. Mansukhlal & Co. is a sweet, woody, smoky fragrance. The peculiar oudh scent has a rich earthy, sweet-spicy fragrance, which is believed to have healing properties.The powder can be used with an incense burner, a tea light candle or a Sambrani cup...
Brand: Satya
Satya Dasanga Dhoop Powder by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya LLP (BNG) is a sacred blend for daily pooja rituals. Crafted with precision, the 75gms pack emanates a divine fragrance, creating a serene atmosphere. Elevate your spiritual experience with this aromatic dhoop powder. Perfect for meditation and wo..
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