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Tirupati Balaji Darshan Yatra

The God of the Seven Hills

Along the Eastern Ghats, overlooking the peninsular India, lies the the seven peaks of the Seshachalam Hills which the mythology believes to represent Adishesha. In the folds of the seventh peak of  Venkatadri is the holy hills of Tirumala, where Lord Srinivasa resides with Padmavati and Goddess Lakshmi. The shrine of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaari Temple celebrates the divinity of Srinivasa, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu born to protect mankind from evils of Kaliyug. It is also honours the grand wedding of Srinivasa to Padmavati.  Traditionally, the pilgrimage to the temple starts at the Aadhi Varaha shrine; it is considered imperative that devotees first take the blessings of Varaha swami. It then proceeds to the darshan of the Lord Srinivasa, the majestic idol, standing tall,  bedecked in adornments as he showers his grace ardent devotees. The yatra ends with paying obeisance at the temple of Goddess Padmavati.


The legend regarding the manifestation of the shrine is spread over various eras. Lord Vishnu who resided in Tirumala hills cursed the Chola King that he will be born as a demon. Vishnu, acknowledging the King's pleas, blessed him that the Lord himself will be married to the King's daughter. Accordingly, the King was reborn as Akasaraja and had a daughter named Padmavati. Srinivasa, the incarnation of Vishnu, marries Padmavati and they reside together at the Tirumala hills. As Vishnu turned himself into a stone idol to protect his devotees, Padmavati and Goddess Lakshmi followed suit, so that they always reside with the Lord. The pilgrimage to the temple gained popularity when the the great saint Ramanuja undertook his journey to Tirumala hills. Unwilling to keep his foot on the hills, he crawled on his knees up to the shrine. Many sages, rulers of various dynasties have all undertaken this pilgrimage and over the span of time, the endless flow of devotees have turned Tirumala into the most-visited holy shrine.

Deity - Temples

Deity :- Lord Vishnu

Temples Covered :-

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaari Temple
Padmavathi Ammavari Temple
Sri Aadhi Varaha Temple


Lord Venkateswara at this temple of Tirupati is said to have incarnated to relieve the problems of Kaliyug. Darshan of the deity here is said to bring good fortunes. Devotees usually believe that when prayed for something in his name with a vow, the wish gets fulfilled. They then travel to the temple and do offerings like ornaments, hair, trekking the hill etc as a thanksgiving to the Lord.

Who can go?

Any one with pious faith can undertake the Yatra.

Yatra Preparations

The Sri Venkateswara Swamy shrine of Tirumala is one of the most visited holy sites in the world. There might be long queues for the darshan as well as performing seva. It is advised to get the darshan tickets as well as tickets for Sevas well in advance. Ticket can be booked at http://www.ttdsevaonline.com

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Pooja Samagri

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Area Covered

Andhra Pradesh
Language spoken :- Telugu

Auspicious Days

The annual Brahmotsavam during the months of September/October is a major festival at the temple. Vaikunta Ekadasi is a considered an auspicious day to visit the temple.

Any contact numbers?

Toll free numbers :


Best time to Travel

Tirupati Balaji darshan Yatra can be done any time of the year.


Tirupati Balaji darshan Yatra can be done in two days from Bengaluru.

Travel Method

Private vehicles, taxis, buses are available for the climb of the Tirumala hills from the Tirupati town. For the devotees who want to trek the hills on foot, there are two well-laid stone footpaths leading to the shrine.

Crowd Expected

The Tirupati Balaji Temple is one of the most-visited holy places in the world, with around 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims daily. On special occasions and festivals, the number of pilgrims goes upto 500,000.


The annual Brahmotsavam during the months of September/October is a major festival at the Temple. Vaikunta Ekadasi is a considered an auspicious day to visit the Temple.

Must Haves

Devotees need to carry Indian outfits as western attires are not allowed in the temple.
It is advised the devotees carry the needed medications with them.
Photo-id is compulsory to enter the temple.
Non-Hindus, wanting to have darshan, need to sign a declaration form affirming their faith in the Hindu gods.
As the shrine is one of the most-visited holy sites, be prepared to stand long hours before you get the darshan.

Health Awarness

The Temple has basic medical facilities in its premises.

Additional Info

The pilgrims who trek Alipiri and Srivari Mettu routes to reach Tirumala come under the category of divya darshan and has a separate queue.
There are special entry points for the disabled, Vips, those aged above 65 years, in-service military personnel, less than a week old newly married couple, parents with infants below one year and couples who weds in Tirumala.
Special darshan tickets can be booked online for quick darshan. There are also other darshan tickets available like AAD darshan, Seegra darshan etc. Please check the temple website and choose the appropriate darshan ticket. Most packages provide darshan tickets along with organising the trip.


The summers can be very hot in this area with the maximum temperature in the high thirties. The winters are pleasant with the temperatures in mid to high twenties.

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