Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

TamilNadu, Thoothkudi

Shrine: Senthilandavar

Situated in Tamil Nadu, Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is one of the  Arupadaiveedu (six major abodes) or Six sacred temples of Kaumaram religion. The historical name of Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is Jayanthipuram. Situated near the sea shore, it is one of the largest temple complexes (by area) of India. The temple is built by three holy saints.

Origin: It is assumed that the temple is 2000 old.


Once Devas were subjected to torture and miseries by three Asura brothers, Surapadman, Singamukha and Taraka. The Devas invoked Lord Shiva and Shiva, agreeing to help them, sent out six fire sparks from His third eye. The Fire God Agni received the sparks and sent them first to the Ganges and then to the Himalayan lake Saravana Poigai. There the sparks assumed the form of six divine babies on lotus flowers. They were nourished by Krithika nymphs. Then Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati arrived at Saravana Poigai, and the moment the Devi clasped the babies, they transformed into one divine form with six heads and 12 hands and came to be known as Shanmukha or Aarumukha. He later became the redeemer of gods, by killing the Asuras. After killing the Asuras, Lord Muruga desired to worship his father Lord Siva. Mayan, the divine architect constructed this shrine at Tiruchendur for Lord Muruga to worship Lord Shiva. Hence, in this temple Lord Muruga is seen in the posture of worshiping Lord Siva in the Sanctum sanctorum.

This temple is part of famous Arupadai Veedu Yatra.


Having stood for over 2 millenniums, the temple is a splendid example of ancient tamil architecture. The main entrance of this temple opens into the first temple prahara, also known as Sivili Mandapam. The Sivili Mandapam produces a fine effect of symmetry and grandeur. The Vasanta Mandapam is a recent addition that stands on 120 columns. This is the only Hindu temple which has no Eastern gateway. Raja gopura is situated at the western gateway. The fact that the temple survived the Tsunami, while the nearby structures were damaged, has added mystery and even splendour to the architectural style of the temple.

Darsan Info

Both paid and free darshan facility is available

Darsan Dresscode:

Men are allowed only without a shirt or vest and women are allowed only in traditional dress (sarees or Salwar).

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Thiruchendur could easily be specified as the heart of Tamil culture. Festivals are celebrated as per the tamil calendar. Many sacred locations are in and around Thiruchendur and major events revolve around religious significance. Annual car festivals and community fairs are celebrated with huge following. The region also has its own speciality in cuisines. A special coffee preparation of this region should not be missed. The temple's sacred sanctorum is below ground level and yet, it was unaffected during the 2004 tsunami, such events have only strengthened the local population's faith in their deities.

Language Spoken: Tamil and English

Location and Contact

Tiruchchendur Beach, Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu 628215

Contact Number : +91 4639242221

Ways to Reach

Auto rickshaws without meter and cycle rickshaws are available for local transportation. For intra-state travel, Buses are the best option.

Additional Info

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Place Name Jan - March April - June July - Sept Oct - Dec
Max-Temparture 32oC 37oC 35.5oC 30.3oC
Min-Temparture 22.3oC 26.6oC 25.6oC 22.6oC

Temple Rituals

Subrapadam, Dhwajastambh Namaskaran, Udaya Marthanda Namaskaram, Udaya Marthanda Deeparadhanai, Abhishekam, Nadai Thukappiduthal

Special Rituals

1. On the Visakam day Special Abishegam for Lord Shanmuga is performed and the procession of deity during night is conducted. 2. Special Pooja is performed on Sukla Sashti day in every Tamil month and the procession of deity during night takes place.3. 108 Thiruvilakku pooja is performed on the Karthigai day every month. Special Abishegam is performed to Jayanthi Nathar and the Utsava idol is taken in the golden chariot in the night. 4. On the first day of every Tamil month, Ganapathy Homam and Special Pooja are performed. The Utsava idol is taken in procession during night.5. On the last Friday of every Tamil month Special Pooja and procession of Utsava idol is conducted.6. On the first day of Chithirai month Annabhishegam and Special Pooja are performed and a procession of Utsava idol is conducted during night. 7. During the Purattasi month Navarathiri festival is conducted for 9 days. 8. On the first day of the Iyppasi month Annabhishegam and Special Poojas are performed and the procession of Utsava idol is conducted.9. On the Panguni Uthiram day the Thirukalayanam of Arulmigu Valli is celebrated.

Pooja Timing

Subrapadam - Thirupalli Eluchi - 5:10 AM
Viswaroopam Darshan - 5:30 AM
Dwajasthamba Namaskaram - 5:45 AM
Udaya Marthanda Abishegam - 6:15 AM
Udaya Marthanda Deeparadhanai - 7:00 AM
Kalasandhi Pooja - 8:00 to 8:30 AM
Kalasha Pooja - 10:00 AM
Uchikala Abishegam - 10:30 AM
Uchikala Deeparadhanai - 12:00 AM
Sayaratchai Pooja - 5:00 PM
Arthasama Abishegam - 7:15 PM
Arthasama Pooja - 8:15 PM
Ekanda Seva - 8:30 PM
Ragasia Deeparadhanai, Palliarai Pooja - 8:45 PM
Nadai Thirukappiduthal - 9:00 PM

Regular Offerings

Prasadam, Abhishekam, chandan, palkudam, and special rituals on fulfilment of wishes.

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