Tali Mahadeva Temple

Tali Mahadeva Temple

Kerala, Kozhikode

Shrine: Uma Maheswaran

Situated in the heart of the Kozhikode Town, the Tali Mahadeva Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Jyothirlingam in the sanctum -Sanctorum of the Temple was installed by Lord Parasurama.

Origin: Unknown


According to the legends, it is believed that Sage Parasurama installed the Jyothirlingam in the sanctum - Sanctorum of the Thali Mahakshethram towards the end of Dwaparayuga.


Even though the temple is believed to be here from a very old period in history, it got the real attention of devotees nearly a thousand years back. The temple rose to its glory during the rule of the Zamorins, who had the prestigious title Sailabdheswara (The lord of the mountain and the sea). The architecture of the Thali Mahakshethram includes the platform facing the sanctum-sanctorum, the four walls skirting the sanctum-sanctorum with the lighted lamps on all the four sides, Dwajastambam, Anakottil (flag-staff platform for elephants) the gopurams (large entrance gate), Deepasthambham (pillars of lighting) and large outer walls, making it a grand temple.

Darsan Info

Tali Mahakshethram is open from 6 AM to 11 AM and from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Darsan Dresscode: At Thali Mahakshethram , Traditional Kerala attire is preferred.


The history of Kozhikode is related to the battles of local chieftains and also that of valour and honour. It also braved the invasions of attacks from outside, unlike the southern parts of the State.This makes the region resilient with an interesting mix of cultures.

Language Spoken: Malayalam

Location and Contact

Thali Mahakshethram, Manager, Tali Devaswom, Chalappuram, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673 002

Contact Number : +91 4952703610

Ways to Reach

The Tali Mahadeva Temple is 23 km away from Kozhikode town and well connected by tarred roads.

Additional Info

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    Sea Queen Hotel +91 495 236 1711+91 495 236 1711
    Hotel Malabar Gate +91 495 272 4534+91 495 272 4534
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Place Name Jan - March April - June July - Sept Oct - Dec
Max-Temparture 35oC 34oC 29oC 32oC
Min-Temparture 22oC 24oC 23oC 23oC

Temple Rituals

The main idol of Lord Siva is in sila-linga form with the sankalpa of Uma Maheswaran.  Tali Ganapathy, Thevarathil Ganapathy, Thrumandhakunnu Bhagavathy, are other deities placed inside the temple walls while Lord Ayyappa, Thevarathil Bhagavathy and Naga are placed outside. In the north eastern side, just outside the Siva Temple premises, but inside the four wall of the temple, there is a separate Vishnu temple with a Dwajastambam of its own. Besides there is a small temple dedicated to Narasimha Moorthy in the southern side of the Vishnu Temple. Within the Sreekrishna Temple, there is also the presence of Sreevalayanad Bhagavati.

Special Rituals

Thali Mahakshethram also got a special place in the cultural history of Kerala. It was here that Revathi Pattathanam, a sort of seminar on Bharatha Meemamsa, Prabhakara Meemamsa, Vedanta Meemamsa and vyakarana were conducted.

Pooja Timing

Tali Mahashiva Temple  is open from 6 AM to 11 AM and from 6 PM to 8 PM. Three poojas are done daily - Usha Pooja (6 AM), Uchcha Pooja (10 AM) and Athazha Pooja (7:30 PM).

Regular Offerings

The most important offering is Uma Maheswara Pooja. Other offerings are dhaara, pushpanjali and paayasam.


January -  Prathistha Day
February - Pratishta Day
October - Revathi Pattathanam
November - Revathi Pattathanam
The 'Pattathanam' a festival aimed at the social-cultural enrichment of the milieu is a symbol of aristocracy surrendering to 'Divinity'. As such, it is held at the Siva temple, Tali and not in the regal glory of the Zamorins palace. The word 'Pattam' derives from the Tamil word "Bhu" meaning scholar or poet. Scholars were invited from the all corners of the country and were given chances to show their skills. The best among them was awarded with the title and this ceremony is known as the 'Pattathanam'

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