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Suryanar Kovil | TamilNadu, Thanjavur

The chief of the Navagrahas, the nine planets, he represents the eye, the soul and vitality. He is Lord Surya, invoked everyday by the devotees with the chants of Gayatri mantra. The Suryanar temple near Kumbakonam celebrates the Sun God's divinity along with the other Navagrahas. The present temple structure was built during the reign of Kulottunga Choladeva in the 11th century with later contributions from the Vijayanagar period. The temple is mentioned in the songs of Muthuswami Dikshitar


Mythology describes that Sage Kalava who was suffering from leprosy prayed to the Navagrahas. The planets please with his devotion, granted his wish of being cured from the disease. However, Brahma, angry at the fact that the planets had no power to change destiny, cursed the nine planets to suffer from leprosy. The Navagrahas apologised and on Brahma's direction came to Vellurukkukadu to pray to Prananatheswar(Lord Shiva). The Lord blessed that ...View more


The Suryanar temple follows the Dravidian architectural style and has a five-tiered   gopuram adorned with carvings. The sanctum built of granite has the deity of Lord Surya along with Ushadevi and Chaya devi. An idol of a horse, the vehicle of Lord Surya is seen in the front. There is also a sacred bathing ghat called the Suryapushkarini. This is the only temple with separate shrines for all the Navagrahas. There is also a shrine for K...View more

Darsan Info

Temple timings:- 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM and 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Devotees have to first visit Prananathar Mangalambigai Temple before visiting the Suryanar shrine.

Travel Support +91 9619899406 Our team will be more than happy to assist and take care of your complete itinerary end-to-end in a personalized and professional manner.

Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and traditional clothing while visiting Suryanar Kovil. Western attire are not allowed in the temples of Tamil Nadu.


Kumbakonam as a salient place in the history of south India as it served as the capital for medieval Cholas. The place is known for its temples and monasteries. The place is famous for Mahamaham festival celebrated at the Mahamaham tank once in 12 years.

Language Spoken:Tamil

Location and Contact

Thirumangalakudi P.O, Thanjavur, Thiruvidaimaruthur, Tamil Nadu 612102
+91 4352472349

By rail : Kumbakonam is the nearest railway station and is well connected to other parts of the state.                                                            
By air : Trichirappalli is the nearest airport. Buses ply from Trichy to Kumbakonam.            
By road : Regular buses run between Kumbakonam and Suryanar Kovil. The travel time is around 30 mins.

Additional Info

  1. Accomodation available near Suryanar Temple:
    Mantra Veppathur +91 9841288000+91 9841288000
    Hotel Vinayaga +91 9629866611+91 9629866611
    Hotel Le Garden +91 4352402526+91 4352402526
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Temple Rituals

At Suryanar Kovil, the priests perform regular pujas like abhisheka, alankaram,neivedhyam and deepa aaradhanai to Suryanar, Ushadevi and Chayadevi. On the first day of each Tamil months special pujas and abhishekas are done.

Regular Offerings

Lotus flowers, Sarkarai pongal, offerings of wheat, jaggery  and farm yields equal to the weight are the common offerings at Suryanar Kovil.

Special rituals

There is a strict sequence of praying at the shrine. Devotees have to first pray to Vinayakar followed by Nataraja, Kasi Vishwanathan & Visalakshi before taking the darshan of the main deity of Suryanar. The circumbulation which covers the shrines of other Navagrahas, is first anti-clockwise and then follow the clockwise direction before praying again to Vinayakar. There are signboards to guide the devotees.

famous Festivals

February - Ratha Saptami (Jan/Feb)
October - Vijayadashami

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