Shree Ramnath Prasanna

Shree Ramnath Prasanna

Goa, North Goa

Shrine: Ramanath, Ramnathi

Located at Ramnathim, Goa, Shree Ramnath Prasanna is a famous temple dedicated to Shree Ramnath. Shree Ramnath is a divine symbol of the unity of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The idols were shifted to the present site in the 16th century due to invasion of Portuguese. Shree Ramnath Prasanna was constructed in 1560s by the Kullavis.

Origin: Shree Ramnath Prasanna was constructed in 1560s by Kullavis


Ramanath (or Ramnathi) is an epitome of mutual respect between the Holy Trinity. Ramanath may mean the master of Lord Rama, i.e. Shiva or Rama himself as the master of Lord Shiva. Legends say that the first installation and worshiping of Rameshwara (Lord Shiva) was by Lord Rama Himself, as an act of penance for slaying Ravana - a brahmin. It is also said that when Lord Shiva drank the poison that came out of the ocean, during Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean), His throat began burning and it was when He started chanting Rama Nama, the burning sensation was soothed. Hence, Shree Ramnath Prasanna is a symbol of unity of HariHara (Lord Rama & Lord Shiva). The temple is home to 7 main deities and they all have some astounding legends associated with them.


Unlike most temples in Goa, the Sabhamandap (Grand Hall) of the Shree Ramnath Prasanna has no pillars.  There is a five-storied Deepstambha (Lamp Tower) in the courtyard with images of Hindu saints carved on its base. The door to the Inner Sanctum has some exceptionally beautiful scenes carved in silver. One of the carvings depicts devotees worshiping a linga and the other one is that of Lord Vishnu with His consort Lakshmi sitting on His 'aasana' of 'Sheshnaag'. The present temple consists of Sabha Mandap, Nagarkhana, Garbhgriha, Yandya Mandap, Deepstambha, Naivedya Ghar, and many other architectural wonders. There are few temples that encapsulate such a wide variety of imagery in one campus.

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Darsan Info

During Navratri for 10 days there are Kirtans, Aartis and Makar-Utsav programs held in temple. It is the best time to visit Shree Ramnath Prasanna temple.
Prasad distribution is forbidden on Ekadashi, Amavasya, Mondays, and some festival days.
No prasad is distributed after 11 AM.

Darsan Dresscode:

No dress code but for specific rituals, devotees may have to wear traditional attires.

Travel Support

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Shree Ramnath Prasanna temple reflects Kullavi's culture to the core. Gods and Godesses are worshiped with dance and music. The temple committee has a Natyamandal Dance Group and religious entertainment programs are a common practice, here. The temple committee and the devotees have a great affliction towards service of the poor and downtrodden. Endowed by the Mahajans, the committee strives to help the poor with "Yagopavit" (Threading Ceremony), "Kanyadaan" (Marriage ceremony for daughters), and many other health services. "Sewa bhaav" (Service to others) is the main pillar of the cultural beliefs.

Language Spoken: Konkani, Marathi, Portuguese and Hindi

Location and Contact

Shree Ramnath Devasthan, Ramnathim, Bandoda, Ponda,Goa

Contact Number : +91 8322335174, +91 8322335281

Ways to Reach

Local Transport is easily available from all parts of Goa to Shree Ramnath Prasanna.

Additional Info

  • Hotel Sun Inn: +91 8322318180
    Hotel Sungrance: +91 8322311238
    Cheulkar's Resi: +91 9768713800
    Hotel Sainath: +91 8322312851
    Temple Dharamshala: +91 8322335174
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Place Name Jan - March April - June July - Sept Oct - Dec
Max-Temparture 32oC 34oC 29oC 32oC
Min-Temparture 20oC 25oC 24oC 20oC

Temple Rituals

Dhuvall, Abhishek, Naivedya, Ashtottar, Padichi, Laghurudra, Tailabhishek, Pavamanabhishek, Avartan, Oti Khanasaha

Special Rituals

On Mondays, the flower bouquets of Shree Ramnath are auctioned.

Pooja Timing

The daily devotional services start at Sunrise with Nirmalaya Visarjan.
At 11:00  A.M. there is "Isharat" (signal) 
By 12:00 PM Pooja, Aarti, Naivedya, Mahaarti etc. are completed.
At 6:00 PM "Dhunvall" i.e. orbit around the temple with music of Dholki.
At 8:30 PM, another session of aartis begin.

Regular Offerings

Karmali leaves and Shikke are form of blessings, specific to Shree Ramnath Prasanna Temple. Devotees may offer to participate in Temple rituals by paying a very nominal fee.


Feb:- Maha Shivratri Utsav- Palkhi Utsav
Oct:- Navratri Utsav, Ashwin Shuddha Dashmi, Ashwin Shuddha Ekdashi - Kaul Prasad

  • Near Bus Stand

  • Old Bus Stand, Khadpabandh, Ponda
  • Nearby Airport

  • Dabolim Airport
  • Nearby Railway Station

  • Verna Railway Station
  • Taxi Stand

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