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Shree Jagannath Temple

Gujarat, Ahmedabad

Located in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the Jagannath Temple is a hindu temple dedicated to God Jagannath. The temple was established by Sadhu Sarangdasji about 450 years ago. The Jagannath Temple is famous for its annual chariot festival, the Rath Yatra, which is the second most important chariot festival after the Ratha Yatra at Puri.


It is said that Hanumandasji's successor Shree Sarangdasji was a devotee of Lord Jagannath. Sarangdasji embarked on a pilgrimage to Jagannath Puri in Orrisa, with his associates. At the dharamshala at Puri, he received an instruction from Lord Jagannath, in his vision, to go back to Ahmedabad and lay the idols of the Holy Trinity, Lord Jagannath with his elder brother Lord Balram, and sister Goddess Subhadraji. Thus, the Maruti temple became Shre...View more


The present temple was renovated between 1996-2000. The temple is made up of white marble. During the renovation, the Holy Trinity were ritually laid on the special raised pedestal called "Ratna-Vedi" with the idol of Garuda situated in front of the sacred alter, so that its attention is directed at the feet of Lord Jagannath.

Darsan Info

Timings : Jagannath Rath Yatra is observed on Ashadha Shukla Dwitiya, normally thoughout the year devotees come for darshan but on this day Lord Jagannath comes out from the temple to give darshan to the devotees. The Rathyatra is also celebrated as 'Lokotsav' the Public Festival of Gujarat. It is the best time to visit the temple.

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The tradition of Rath Yatra at Jagannath Temple is very famous. As per tradition elephants have the first glimpse of Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra and lead the procession. People here, indulge a lot in charity, both to humans and animals. Gau-sewa (Caring for cows) is a special tradition here.
The culture, like the most Vishnu temples, follows vaishnavite ideologies.

Location and Contact

A.P.M.C. Market, Jamalpur Char Rasta, Jamalpur Rd, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380022

(+91) 7925323221

Buses and Private Cabs are available easily from Ahmedabad Station and Airport. Jamalpur Darwaaza is at walkable distance.

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  1. Everest Hotel: (+91) 79 2214 5005 Hotel Malwa Palace: (+91) 79 3232 4005 Hotel Neelkanth Palace: (+91) 79 2546 1577
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Temple Rituals

Sadavrat (Feeding of needy) and Gau-Seva are two of the most important rituals other than the usual puja.

Regular Offerings

Apart from 'prasad and flowers', the devotees offer donations for 'Sadavrat' and 'Gau-sewa'

Special Rituals

Rathayatra is observed in the month of June/July every year. It is said that the Yatra is an act of Lord Jagannath himself coming out to see his devotees especially the Disable who could not visit the temple. Jalayatra of Lord Jagannath to Sabarmati river comes on the Jyetha Shukala Purnima with a procession and performing the Ganga-Poojan return with vessels of water for the Abhishek to Lord Jagannath. Similarly, Rudrabhishek is also a special ritual.

Famous Festival

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