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Rahu Navagrahasthalam, Sri Naganathaswamy Temple | TamilNadu, Thanjavur

Wrathful and fiery with his lower body in the form of a snake, Rahu, the graha can give a person rich prosperity or plunge them in deep troubles. Sri Naganathaswamy Temple or Rahu sthalam, the temple in the outskirts of Kumbakonam, is dedicated to Lord Rahu. The presiding deity as in other Navagraha temples is Lord Shiva, in the form of Naganathaswamy, the one who gave boons to the serpents. Adishesha, Takshaka, Indra, Sage Gautama, King Nala are all believed to have worshipped at the shrine here. The temple is believed to have built by  Aditya Chola I in the 10th century. The inner mantapa was built by Seikkizhar. Govinda Dikshitar a minister to Acchuthappa Nayak in 17th century, constructed the outer mantapa. Surya Pushkarani was built by King Sambumali. The roof work was done by Arimalazham Annamalai Chettiar.


Mythology states that, the king of snakes, Adisesha did penance at this place. Shiva pleased by the worship, gave a boon to the king of Serpents and hence he is called Naganathar. Many serpents, including Adishesha, Takshaka and Karkotaka, have worshipped Shiva here, hence the name "Tirunageswaram".The legends regarding the temple also states that Rahu worshipped Lord Shiva here to relieve him of curse. Rahu also received a boon from Shiva that h...View more


Sri Naganathaswamy Temple is built in Dravidian style architecture with four gateways having gopurams adorned with sculptures. The temple complex inside its walls encompasses various shrines, garden, broad pathways, ornamental halls, carved pillars, vast pillared mantapams etc. The shrine of the presiding deity of Lord Shiva is in the inner sanctum. Rahul Bhagvan is seen with his consorts and unlike other temples, is with a human face. Surya push...View more

Darsan Info

Temple timings  06:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM, and 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM.
Locals believe that the worship during morning, afternoon and evening at the three Nageswaran temples namely Nageswaran Temple, Tirunageswaram and Thirupampuram respectively will be beneficial for the devotees

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travel@pilgrimaide.com +91 9619899406 Our team will be more than happy to assist and take care of your complete itinerary end-to-end in a personalized and professional manner.

Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and traditional clothing. Western attire are not allowed in the temples of Tamil Nadu


Kumbakonam has a salient place in the history of South India as it served as the capital for medieval Cholas. The place is known for its temples and monasteries. The place is famous for Mahamaham festival celebrated at the Mahamaham tank once in 12 years.

Language Spoken:Tamil

Location and Contact

Rahu Navagrahasthalam, Sri Naganathaswamy Temple, Thirunageswaram, Tamil Nadu
+91 4352463354

Kumbakonam is well connected to other parts of the state by rail and road. The temple is on the Kumbakonam-Karaikal bus route and is 7 kms from Kumbakonam

Additional Info

  1. Hotels near Sri Naganathaswamy Temple
    Mantra Veppathur (098412 88000)
    Hotel Vinayaga (096298 66611)
    Hotel Le Garden (0435 240 2526)
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  3. Yes
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Temple Rituals

Sri Naganathaswamy Temple conducts six pujas daily- Ushakala puja, Kalasandhi puja, Uchikala puja, Sayaratchai puja, Irandam Kala puja and Arthajama puja.

Regular Offerings

Blue cloth, urad dal, mantharai flower, milk abhishekam

Special rituals

Milk abhishekam to Rahu on Sundays during Rahu Kaalam is said to alleviate the adverse effects of Rahu. The milk which is poured over the idol turned blue.

famous Festivals

March - Shivaratri
October - Navratri
November - Brahmotsvam 
December - Thiruvathirai

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