Pisharikkavu Temple

Pisharikkavu Temple

Kerala, Kozhikode

Shrine: Bhadrakaali

A myth associated with the origin of the Pishakarikavu temple has been mentioned by the renowned Malayalam scholar Kottarathil Sankunni in his work 'Eithihya mala' which is a collection of myths. According to the myth, the Pishakarikavu temple was built by the Vaisya community who had migrated from southern Kerala. Vaisya's were a trading community who lived in the Kollam district. They had built a temple there, worshipping a sword (Nandhakam) gifted by Sri Porkali Devi to a devotee, as the main idol. Devi's presence and power in this sword, brought prosperity to this community. Their attitude completely changed, to the extent of challenging even the King of their country. As a result, the king expelled the Vaisya community from his territory and they came to Kurubranadu taluk (Quilandy taluk) and settled there. There they built a temple and installed the idol, which they had brought along with them and named the place as Kollam, in memory of their original place



Centuries before remaining members of the "Ettuveettil" family after conspiracy against Marthanda Varma settled down in the village named Kollam near present-day Koilandy in Calicut district. They were rich diamond merchants. One of family member prayed and did tapas to please goddess Badhra Kali. One night the goddess Sri Porkali (the family goddess of Ettuveettil pilla's) appeared in his dream and gave him a very special sword named "Nandhakam" and told him to pray her in the form of this sword and she will answer all his prayers and also asked him to go to his home town. He went back to his hometown and built a temple and started worshiping the Nandakkam sword. The family by the grace of mother Badhra Kali became very rich and powerful. They paid Samoothiri-King of kozhikode and brought a land there and settled down there with their family and built a beautiful temple here and worshiped the Nandakkam sword, it is believed that 8 family have migrated from south, namely Kiziyil, Vazhayil, Elayedathu, Echarathil, Punathil, Nanothu, Mundakil, Erothu. Native people called them "vyapari"(merchants) at that time. Later name changed to "Ravari" in colloquial language. The community is existing even now and they have special rights for conducting festival called "Kaliyattam".


There are two Sreekovils at Pisharikkavu Temple - one for Siva and one for Bhadrakaali. The one for Siva, facing east, is more ancient than that of Bhadrakali. There are wood carvings on the greeva and sreemukhams of the shrine. The perforated windows and dwaara paalikas are also unique features of the temple. The wall of vaathilmadam has got mural paintings dating back to 16th Century. The theme of this painting featuring eight-armed Goddess with attendants, ascetics and other Gods flanking Her, is based on Daarika-vadha

Darsan Info

Pisharikkavu Temple is open from 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM nd from 5:30 PM to 8 PM.

Darsan Dresscode: At Pisharikkavu Temple, Kerala traditional attire is preferred.


The history of Kozhikode is related to the battles of local chieftains and also that of valour and honour. It also braved the invasions of attacks from outside, unlike the southern

Language Spoken: Malayalam

Location and Contact

Pisharikkavu Siva Bhadrakaali Temple, Pandalayani, Kollam, Koyilandi, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673 307

Contact Number : 4962620568

Ways to Reach

Pisharikavu Temple is located at Kollam in Kozhikode district. This location is 30 km from Kozhikode town along the National Highway. One can easily reach there by bus or train.

Additional Info

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Temple Rituals

Pisharikkavu Temple is classified under the sankalpa of Rurujith vidhaanam with Goddess Bhadrakali of fierce nature facing north and Lord Siva facing east. The panchaloha (five metal alloy) of Goddess has eight arms with conch, chakra, mace, lotus, trident, skull, sword and rope in them. The sankalpa is that Goddess has slayed Darika, the Asura. The Nandakam swode is fixed to the wall of the garbha-gruham of the Goddess.

Special Rituals

Pisharikkavu Temple has a unique custom of 'satyam cheyyal' where the devotees stand in front of the shrine of Goddess and take oath to ascertain truth. It is believed that those who refuse to take oath were lying and those who took false oath would face the wrath of the Goddess. There are 'cheriya satyam cheyyal' and 'valiya satyam cheyyal'. For the latter, the devotee has to wear a garland made of chetti flowers given by the priest.

Pooja Timing

Pisharikkavu Temple is open from 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM nd from 5:30 PM to 8 PM. Three poojas are held - Usha Pooja at 8 AM, Uchcha Pooja at 12 noon and Athazha Pooja at 8 PM. The Uchcha Pooja is of saktheya type or madhyama pooja.

Regular Offerings

There are about 44 offerings in the Pisharikkavu Temple, of which valiya vattala guruthi, udayasthamaya pooja, niramala, thottam, satru samhara homam, iratti payasam, raktha pushpanjali, mrutyunjaya homam, paal payasam and neypayasam are important.


April - Kaliyatta Mahotsavam
May - Kaliyatta Mahotsavam
October - Navaratri

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