Pazhamudhircholai Murugan Temple, Solaimalai Murugan Temple

Pazhamudhircholai Murugan Temple, Solaimalai Murugan Temple

TamilNadu, Madurai

Shrine: Solaimalai Murugan

Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple is a Hindu temple, located about 25 kilometres north of Madurai, India atop a hill covered with dense forests. One of the six important abodes (Arupadaiveedu) of Lord Muruga, it is close to the Vishnu temple of Azhagar Kovil. It is said that the Azhagar Kovil was the actual temple for the main deity of the temple, and the deity was later shifted or relocated to Pazhamudircholai during Thirumalai Nayak's rule in Madurai.

Origin: Though the original temple dates back to more than 1000 years, the temple as in existence today was constructed only recently.


According to the legends, Lord Muruga tested the great Tamil poet and saint Avvaiyar here. One day while travelling Avvaiyar became tired, so she decided to rest under a fruit tree. A boy who was sitting on the tree asked Avvaiyar whether she want fruits. When Avvaiyar told that she wanted fruit, the boy asked whether she wanted roasted or unroasted fruit. Avvaiyar decided that the boy didn't have any knowledge about fruits. Due to her tiredness, she didn't want to argue with the boy. Avvaiyar asked the boy to give her unroasted fruit. Several fruits fell out of the tree and Avvaiyar picked them up,blowing on them to remove the sand. Smiling, the boy asked Avvaiyar if she was blowing on his "roasted fruits" to cool them down.Avvaiyar was astonished as to how a small village cowboy could have played such an intelligent drama. Blowing on the fruit to remove the sand was indeed poetically comparable to an attempt to cool "roasted fruits". Avvaiyar begged the boy to reveal his true identity, unable to reconcile herself with the fact that a simple cowherd could have such profound thoughts. The boy then disappeared and in his place, Lord Muruga appeared. Avvaiyar, stunned to find herself in Divine Company, prayed to Lord Muruga to bless her and continue bestowing his Infinite Grace on her to aid her virtually endless quest for knowledge.

This temple is part of famous Arupadai Veedu Yatra.


Earlier only a stone carved Vel, the spear of Lord Muruga was kept in Pazhamudircholai.  Later, a figure of Muruga in wood in a standing posture with single face and four hands standing with his consorts Valli and Deivanai were added. The Aadhi Vel (original spear) placed on a platform is of special significance and is worshipped with a great veneration by devotees. Idol of Lord Vithaga Vinayaka is also placed on the right side of his younger brother.

Darsan Info

The Solaimalai Murugan temple is open from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Darsan Dresscode: Male devotees have been advised to wear dhoti, shirt, pyjama or pant and shirt while women and girls should wear saris or churidhar or 'pavadai' with half-sari. Devotees wearing lungi, bermudas, jeans and tight-leggings would not be allowed.


Tamil Nadu is home to many natural resources, classical arts, classical music, classical literature, Hindu temples of Dravidian architecture, hill stations, beach resorts, multi-religious pilgrimage sites, and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Pazhamudircholai is a fertile hill, blessed with Nature's bounty in the form of innumerable fruits, vegetables and natural springs.

Language Spoken: Tamil

Location and Contact

Pazhamudhircholai Murugan Temple, Alagar Hills R.F., Tamil Nadu 624401

Contact Number : +91 4522470228

Ways to Reach

By Road
Sholaimalai Murugan temple is around 20 km from Madurai Central Bus Stand. Temple administration operates bus service every 20 minutes,to and fro from the temple to the foot of hill.

By Train
Madurai Railway Station is the nearest station.

By Air
Madurai Airport is the nearest airport.

Additional Info

  • Kadambavanam Resort
    Daisy Villa
    V Grand
  • ATMs of most nationalized banks are available in the city. There are sufficient numbers of private bank ATMs too.
  • Yes
  • Yes


Place Name Jan - March April - June July - Sept Oct - Dec
Max-Temparture 32oC 37oC 35.5oC 30.3oC
Min-Temparture 22.3oC 26.6oC 25.6oC 22.6oC

Temple Rituals

There is a daily ritual of taking the processional deity in a golden chariot around the temple at 6 PM.

Regular Offerings

People pray here for wedding, child and academic boons.Realizing their wishes, devotees perform milk abishek to Lord Muruga and offer vastras.


The most famous festival is Ablution (Abhishekam) festival on Aavani Pooram (the day of the star Pooram in August-September) festival when the Lord muruga is bathed in holy waters amidst the veda chanting. Tamil New Year Day falling almost on April 14 is an important day here.
Vaikasi Visakam in May-June
Aadi Kruthika in July-August
Skanda Sashti in October-November
Mondays of Karthikai month, Tirukarthikai - the festival of lamps in November-December and Panguni Uthiram are the festivals celebrated in the temple.

  • Near Bus Stand

  • Mattuthavani bus stand
  • Nearby Airport

  • Madurai
  • Nearby Railway Station

  • Madurai
  • Taxi Stand

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