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Pancha Bootha Stalam Yatra

The five cosmic elements

They are the beginning, the fundamentals of all cosmic creations, the five elements that Vedic Hinduism believes to make up the Universe. In the heartland of South India, in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, stands the five temples where Lord Shiva manifested in the form of these elements of Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Wind. The travel to these divine shrines, in search of grace of the Lord forms the Pancha Boota temple yatra. The journey can be done in one trip or each separately covering the temples over a period of time.


The five elements of nature are believed to be enshrined in the five lingams in the Pancha Boota temples.  These five shrines  are believed to have built according to ancient Vedic sciences and are placed in a certain geographic alignment with each other. The flickering lamp of Srikalahasti, the perennial water spring in the Tiruvanaikka temple, the huge beacon lit during the Karthiaki deepam at Tiruvannamalai, the sand lingam at Kanchipuram and the formless space at Chidambaram shows the association of the Lord with Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. These holiest Shaivite shrines in India  have been glorified by the poems of the Nayannar Saints and in many literary works of the yesteryears. Over the leaps of time, the journey to these five shrines became the Pancha Boota yatra, a journey to attain salvation with the blessings of the Lord.

Deity - Temples

Deity:- Lord Shiva

Temples Covered:-

Ekambareswarar Temple
Jambukeshwarar Temple
Annamalaiyar Temple
Srikalahasti Temple
Thillai Nataraja Temple


The Pancha Boota temple yatra is an aid to help the devotees attain salvation or moksha. Visiting these Saivite pilgrimage destinations are believed to wash away one's sins of all the past lives. These shrines also help the people experience some of the richest architectural brilliance of the earlier eras.

Who can go?

Anybody with pious faith can undertake the journey to the Pancha Boota temples.

Yatra Preparations

The main preparation is to find a package that would suit your needs. Most packages have various options with the vehicle and hotels depending on the budget.

Travel Support

If you are interested in visiting  please mail us :- or call us directly on Mobile :- +919619899406 or Land Phone :- +91 22 28470990. Our team will be more than happy to assist and take care of your complete itinerary end-to-end in a personalized and professional manner.

Pooja Samagri

The accessibility to good quality pooja articles in today's adulterated world as well as availability of all the items required is a major concern for many devotees. Please check out our P-STORE page for various high quality Pooja Samagri for your Pilgrimage or mail us :- or call us directly on Mobile :- +919619899406 or Land Phone :- +91 22 28470990.

Area Covered

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
Language spoken :- Tami, Telugu

Auspicious Days

Karthika deepam is a huge festive occasion in most of these temples.

Best time to Travel

Pancha Boota temples can be visited any time of the year. However it is advisable to avoid the scorching summers.


4-5 days from Chennai

Travel Method

The Pancha Boota temples can be reached by a combination of rail/road. Most of the packages from Chennai has travelling by cars/tempo travellers to the shrines.

Crowd Expected

Since these temples are open throughout the year, there is not much crowd on regular days. However during festival days, especially during Karthika deepam, Shivratri and annual festival days there is a huge flow of devotees to these temples.


Karthika deepam is a huge festive occasion in most of these temples.

Must Haves

Light cotton clothing can be used through the journey. Devotees are advised to wear clean and traditional clothing.
Western attire are not allowed in the temples of Tamil Nadu.
Most of the temples are in the vicinities of towns. Still, it is recommended to carry dehydration salt packets, water bottles, light snacks, sunscreen, first aid kit etc.

Health Awarness

All the Pancha Boota temples are in the vicinity of good medical facilities. Still, it is advisable to carry any special medication that you might need along with you.

Additional Info

Tour packages can also include a guide if needed.


The summers in Tamil Nadu are scorching hot with the temperatures in high thirties. Monsoons during June-Sept, bring relief from the heat. The months from Oct-Feb are pleasant with temperatures in the mid twenties and is the best season to visit.

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