Navagraha Yatra, Tamil Nadu -

Navagraha Yatra, Tamil Nadu

The celestial abodes

The nine ethereal bodies gleam in the heavens, their configuration influencing the universe as well as each individual. So great are their effects that they can propel a person to heights or plunge him into depths. Vedic astrology marks their movement as what determines the person's destiny. The travel to worship these Grahas at their abodes to alleviate the ill effects of them and help bring prosperity in one's life forms the Navagraha yata. A cluster of the Navagraha temples are situated along the Kaveri belt in in Tamil Nadu. The traditional sequence of the yatra begins at the Suryanar Kovil worshipping the chief of the Navagrahas, the Sun. The journey then follows through the shrines of Chandra, Angaraka, Budhan, Guru, Sukran, Sani, Rahu and ends with Ketu.


Mythology describes that Sage Kalava who was suffering from leprosy prayed to the Navagrahas. The planets pleased with his devotion, granted his wish of being cured from the disease. However, Brahma, angry at the fact that the planets had no power to give boons, cursed the nine planets to suffer from leprosy. The Navagrahas apologised and on Brahma's direction paid penance to Lord Shiva. The Lord pleased with them blessed that the devotees would worship them from the place. Each shrine is situated in different villages around Kumbakonam/Thanjavur area and the temples are considered the abode of Navagrahas. Over time, the tour to these shrines of the nine celestial bodies, developed into the Navagraha darshan journey.

Deity - Temples

Deity:- The Navagrahas - Surya, Chandra, Angaraka, Budhan, Guru, Sukra, Sani, Rahu, Ketu

Temples Covered:-

Suryanar Kovil
Kaliasanathar Temple
Vaitheeswaran Kovil
Swetharanyeswarar Temple
Abathsahyeswarar Temple, Alangudi - Guru Sthalam
Arulmigu Agneeswarar Temple
Dharbaranyeswarar Temple
Sri Naganathaswamy Temple(Rahu)
Nagannathaswamy Temple(Ketu)


The Navagrahs are believed to greatly influence a person's fortunes. The adverse effects of these Grahas can cause ill-effects to a person's life. Visiting the temples and extending offerings are believed to alleviate the detrimental effects caused by the Grahas.

Who can go?

The Navagraha darshan yatra is not strenuous and most of the temples included have good connectivity with nearby towns. Anyone with pious faith can undertake the journey. Those travelling with children or aged can split the journey over two or three days.

Yatra Preparations

Some people believe that the whole journey of 9 temples should be done in one day. There are others who believe that the darshan should be done in a more time consuming but traditional sequence.
Most of the travel packages are based on covering the temples according to geographical route. Zero in a package that would cater to your needs.                                                            
Most of the offerings are available around the temples. However, most devotees bring blouse pieces, grains and gem stones in accordance with the preference of the Graha.
Travel Support

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Pooja Samagri

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Area Covered

Tamil Nadu, Puducherry
Language spoken :- Tamil

Auspicious Days

Each graha has a preferential day to visit its shrine. The seven days of the week are believed to be ruled by the Navagrahas, namely Monday by Chandra, Tuesday by Angaraka, Wednesday by Budhan, Thursday by Guru, Friday by Sukran and Saturday by Sani. Rahu and Kethu do not have separate days, but both are said to rule 1.5 hours each, every day.

Best time to Travel

The Navagraha temples are open throughout the year and can be visited any time. However the scorching summers can be best avoided. It is advisable to travel during the winter months when the weather is pleasant.


2-3 days from Chennai

Travel Method

All the temples included in the Navagraha yatra can be reached by a combination of rail and road.

Crowd Expected

Since the temples are open throughout the year, there is not too much crowd on regular days. However, crowds can be expected on the special days for the Grahas and on festivals.


Each graha has a preferential day to visit its shrine. The seven days of the week are believed to be ruled by the Navagrahas, such as Monday by Moon, Tuesday by Mars, Wednesday by Mercury, Thursday by Jupiter, Friday by Venus and Saturday by Saturn. Rahu and Kethu do not have separate days, but both are said to rule 1.5 hours each, every day.

Must Haves

Light cotton clothing can be used through the journey. Devotees are advised to wear clean and traditional clothing. Western attire are not allowed in the temples of Tamil Nadu.
Most of the temples are in the vicinities of towns. Still, it is recommended to carry dehydration salt packets, water bottles, light snacks, sunscreen, first aid kit etc.

Health Awarness

Most of the temples have good medical facilities in the vicinities. But it is always advisable to carry any special medications that you might need.

Additional Info

Kumbakonam/Nagapattinam/Thanjavur areas are rich in temples, with many of the package covering some of the major temples around as well along with the Navagraha tour.


The summers in Tamil Nadu are scorching hot with the temperatures in high thirties. Monsoons during June-Sept, bring relief from the heat. The months from Oct-Feb are pleasant with temperatures in the mid twenties and is the best season to visit.

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