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Nagannathaswamy Temple, Ketu Navagrahasthalam | TamilNadu, Nagapattinam

Known as the shadow planet, Ketu has strong influences on a person's life.  He is the indicator of wisdom and intelligence. He resides blessing his devotees in the small temple of Nagannathaswamy in  Keezhaperumpallam. As with other Navagraha temples, the presiding deity is Lord Shiva. Here he is Nagannathar, the one who gave boon to the Naga Vasuki. The temple of Ketu is believed to have built by Vikram Chola. The architecture and inscriptions in the temple are mostly of the Chola  period. It is believed that worshipping here and taking dip  in the holy Nagatheertha will eliminate the adverse effects of Ketu.


During the churning of Palazhi by the Asuras and Devas, Vasuki, the snake spit venom which Lord Shiva drank to protect the Universe. Vasuki, performed penance to  Shiva as he had caused the Lord to drink poison. Shiva pardoned Vasuki and obliged to stay at the temple. He is, hence called Naganathar swamy. It is believed that Ketu also worshipped the Lord here to relieve him of a curse.This Temple is part of the famous Navagraha Yatra.


Nagannathaswamy Temple is built in Dravidian style of architecture. The shrines have colourfully sculpted gopurams. The primary deity of the temple is that of Naganathaswamy in the Lingam form. Lord Ketu shrine is outside the main temple, in which the idol of Ketu stands with folded hands worshipping Lord Shiva. Lord Ketu's face can be seen enshrined in a serpent with the body of an asura. There is a Nagatheertham, the holy tank in the front of t...View more

Darsan Info

Nagannathaswamy Temple timings 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM and from 3.30 PM to 8.30 PM.As according to numerology number 7 is for Ketu, devotees light 7 lamps for worship here

Travel Support +91 9619899406 Our team will be more than happy to assist and take care of your complete itinerary end-to-end in a personalized and professional manner.

Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and traditional clothing. Western attire are not allowed in the temples of Tamil Nadu


These areas in the Cauvery delta region were ruled by Medieval Cholas and has various antique temples dating back to the period. It is believed that all the holy rivers in India converge in Mayiladuthurai every year on new moon day in the Tamil month of Aippasi (November-December). Bathing in river Cauvery on this day, is considered to relieve people of their sins.

Language Spoken:Tamil

Location and Contact

Nagannathaswamy Temple, Ketu Navagrahasthalam Kezhaperumpallam, Near Kumbakonam, Vanagiri, Tamil Nadu
+91 4364260582

Taxis can be hired from the nearby places of Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai, Sirkali, Karaikal, Chennai and Trichy to the temple. There are a few buses which ply these routes too.

Additional Info

  1. Hotels near Nagannathaswamy Temple
    Hotel Kanakabhishekam (04364 287191)
    Milton Day hotel (04364 255 555)
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Temple Rituals

The temple priests perform regular pujas to the deities in Nagannathaswamy Temple. Special pujas are performed during Rahu Kala and Yamaganda Kala time of the day

Regular Offerings

red lily flower, multi coloured cloth, horse gram

Special rituals

On every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 PM to 9.00 PM, the Arthasamam pooja is performed.

famous Festivals

March - Shivratri
April - Panguni Vasuki Utsav

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