Kunjapuri Devi temple

Kunjapuri Devi temple

Uttarakhand , Tehri Garhwal

Shrine: Kunjapuri Devi

A 20km drive from Rishikesh through the steep and winding roads, amid the panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks and the valley, stands one of the scared spots of Goddess Shakti, the Kunjapuri devi temple. It is considered as a Shaktipeeth where the chest of Sati devi fell. The temple is popular destination in the Rishikesh pilgrimage circuit as well as a favoured trek route for the tourists.

Origin: Origin unknown.


Mythology believes the Kunjapuri devi temple to be one of the Shaktipeethas. When Lord Shiva's wrath at the death of his wife Sati manifested as the Tandava which would destroy the Universe, Lord Vishn's Sudarshan chakra cut her corpse into pieces which scattered around the subcontinent.  It is believed that the Goddess' chest fell where the temple of Kunjapuri stands today.

This Temple is part of famous Haridwar Rishikesh Yatra.


A flight of steps lead to the shrine where two golden lions guard the entrance. A hanging bell can be seen at the entrance. The temple is decorated with red flags and the inner sanctum enshrines the deity of Kunjapuri devi. There is a shrine for Lord Shiva too. The breath taking sight of the Himalayan mountains and valleys can be viewed from atop the shrine. There is a holy tree next to the shrine, where devotees tie the red band.

Darsan Info

Kunjapuri Devi temple timings  6AM to 8AM. The priests after puja, ties a red thread to the hands of the devotees as a blessing.

Darsan Dresscode: The devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative attire


Rishikesh and Haridwar are the first cities in India to be given the title of "twin national heritage cities". Rishikesh is a meat free and alcohol free city due to its spiritual environment. The Ganga aarti performed during the dusk is very popular. Rishikesh is also the starting point of many pilgrimages to the Himalayan regions.

Language Spoken: Hindi

Location and Contact

Adali, Uttarakhand

Ways to Reach

Rishikesh is well connected to other parts of the country. From Rishikesh buses, taxis or jeeps can be taken to the base of the temple. A flight of 300 stairs has to be climbed to reach the shrine. Alternatively, there is a trek path to the temple.

Additional Info

  • Accommodation are available at Rishikesh.
    Chandreswhar hotel(0135 243 42320135 243 4232)
    Elbee Ganga view(088826 61577)
    Hotel Great Ganga(0135 244 22430135 244 2243)
  • No( available at Rishikesh)
  • No( available at Rishikesh)
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  • No( available at Rishikesh)


Place Name Jan - March April - June July - Sept Oct - Dec
Max-Temparture 6.1oC 17.3oC 18.6oC 9.4oC
Min-Temparture -3.7oC 7oC 9.3oC 0oC

Temple Rituals

The priests perform puja along with the devotees with the offerings. The offerings can be bought at the base of the shrine.

Special Rituals

Devotees tie the red band to the tree near the shrine.

Pooja Timing

Kunjapuri Devi temple timings  6AM to 8AM

Regular Offerings

coconut, flowers


September - Navrathri, Dusshera

  • Near Bus Stand

  • Rishikesh - 20kms
  • Nearby Airport

  • Dehradun - 50kms
  • Nearby Railway Station

  • Rishikesh - 20kms
  • Taxi Stand

  • No( available at Rishikesh)

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