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Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikaval | TamilNadu, Tiruchirappalli

The Jambukeshwarar temple in Tiruvanaikkaval alongside the holy river Cauvery, is one the Panchabhootha sthalam where the Lord manifests as the element of water. The temple is believed to have constructed by King Kochengot Chola.The shrine was then widely expanded by Hoysala king, Someswara, the son of Vira Narasimha. The tiered gopuram is also believed to have constructed by the Hoysala king.The temple has inscriptions from the Chola era showing their endowments to the place. The four most revered Nayanars have sung praises of the Jambukeshwarar. The temple has been maintained by Nattukottai Chettiars during the later centuries.


Legend regarding Jambukeswarar Temple states that Parvati made a lingam out of water from river Cauvery and conducted here penance to Lord Shiva here. Shiva, pleased with her devotion taught her Siva Gnana.Another legend regarding the origin of the temple revolves around two disciples of Shiva who were cursed to be born as elephant and spider. The elephant and the spider came to Jambukeswaram and worshipped Shiva. The elephant conducted ablution ...View more


The Jambukeswarar Temple built in Dravidian style has a huge 7-tiered rajagopuram with intricate carvings. There are five enclosures inside the temple. The massive outer wall is believed to have built by Lord Shiva along with labourers.The innermost enclosure has the sanctum. The sanctum sanctorum is divided into the Ardha Mantapam and the Garbha Griha where the deity of Jambukeswarar is housed. Entrance into the Sanctum is through a small door o...View more

Darsan Info

Fridays of Aadi month, the temple is open from 2 AM to 12 PM.  The temple also hosts the annual Natyanjali, a festival of classical Indian dances

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and traditional clothing. Western attire are not allowed in the temples of Tamil Nadu


Tiruvanaikkaval is a small and peaceful town on the northern bank of the river Cauvery, close to the river island of Srirangam. The Jambukeshwarar temple is one of the most important attractions of the place.  It is the birth place of Nobel Laureate Sir C. V. Raman.

Language Spoken:Tamil

Location and Contact

Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikoil, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
+91 4312230257

Tiruchirappalli is well connected to all the major cities across India by air, rail and road. Autos, taxis and buses are available to the temple from the railway station/airport.

Additional Info

  1. Hotels near Jambukeswarar Temple
    Hotel Temple In (0431 4250305)
    Hotel Nanda Residency(0431 2232600) Rockfort Residency (0431 2230469)
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Temple Rituals

The priests perform regular pujas to the deities. There are five main pujas performed during regular days. Annabhishekam is performed to the Lingam at Jambukeswarar Temple

Regular Offerings

Flowers, Betel nuts and leaves, clothes

Special rituals

During the noon puja, the priest dresses like a female and does pooja to Lord Jambukeshwara

famous Festivals

January - Thai Poosam(Jan/Feb)
March - Sivrathri(Feb/Mar)
May - Vasantha Urchavam (May/June)
July - Aadipuram festival (July/August)
October - Navrathri

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