PILGRIMAIDE Premium Durga \ Navratri \ Lakshmi \ Devi Puja Kit (55 + Items)



Navratri / Devi Puja Nine nights and ten days during the bright half of the Hindu month Ashwin, devotees acros More Details

PILGRIMAIDE Premium Durga \ Navratri \ Lakshmi \ Devi Puja Kit (55 + Items)

 Abhir - White,Agarbathi ,,Akshat Rice - White,Akshat Rice - Yellow,Altar cloth - Red Cloth for Asan ,Altar cloth - White Cloth for Asan ,Altar cloth - Yellow Cloth for Asan ,Aromatic Oil (Itra),Ashtagandha powder,Betelnut ,Bhasma Poojan,Chandan powder,Chunari,Colored Thread (Maoli),Cotton wicks round (Vati),Cotton wicks long Vati),Darbha grass,Devi feet sticker,Devi Shringar- Bangles Green & Red, Cloth Piece, Comb, Hair Pins, Kajal, Mangal Sutra, Henna (Mehendi), Mirror, Nose Ring, sindhoor, Bindhi,Dhaniya,,Dhoop batti ,Dried turmeric tubers (Khadi Haldi),Elichi ,Gangajal,Haldi powder, Hawan Samagri,Honey,Janeu,Kamalgatta, Kapoor,Kapus vastra, Kesar Kharik,Kumkum (Roli),Laung,Majeet & Marod wood (Majeet+Marod sing),Mishri,Panch Ratn,Peeli Rai,Pooja book - 1 aarti book,Pulses mix (nav dhanya),Rangoli powder,Raw Badam,Sesame seeds black (Til),Sindoor

Navratri / Devi Puja

Nine nights and ten days during the bright half of the Hindu month Ashwin, devotees across India immerse themselves in honouring the divine feminine. Known as the Navratri puja, the festival is a celebration of victory over evil. Goddess Durga is worshipped for the first three days of Navratri followed by Goddess Lakshmi for the next three days. Last three days are devoted to Goddess Saraswati.

It is celebrated differently in various parts of India. In the eastern and northeastern states, it is celebrated as Durga puja while in the northern and western states, Dussehra celebrates the victory of Ram. In southern states, it is celebrated as Sarswathi puja. In all cases, the celebrations are grand, and pujas are offered to the Gods and Goddesses. The pious ritual is done in certain sequence or 'puja vidhi' and requires a myriad of items for offerings as well as prayers.

Offerings to Shakti are sacred; it should be best in every aspect of its quality. Navratri puja requires a variety of items, and the accessibility to good quality puja articles as well as availability of all the items required is a major concern for many devotees. It is here that our Navratri Puja kit aims to help you. All the items required for celebrating the divine power of Devi, of the finest quality, can be purchased as single pack.

 Navratri Puja Vidhi

 Navratri Puja should be done at an appropriate Puja Muhurat.  

First step of Navratri Puja is Ghata Sthapana. At the time of Ghata Sthapana, place a raised platform and put a red cloth on it where you want to put photo or idol of Devi.Near this platform put the clay pot to sow grains. Fill the clay pot with layers of grains and soil. Sprinkle water on it. 

Take the Kalash. Fill it with water, sandalwood, flowers, durva grass, rice mixed with turmeric, betel nut, five leaves and coins. After that, place the coconut with husk wrapped in red cloth on the mouth of the Kalash over the leaves. Place the Ghata on or near the clay pot.  Put a garland of fresh flowers over the deity. Apply haldi, pinjar, abhir, ashtagandh, sindhoor, sandalwood paste etc the idol’s forehead. 

The puja begins with the meditation and innovation of Goddess. Light the lamp and chant mantras to invoke the Goddess.Offer scented water, clothes, jewellery, kumum, kajal, shringar, turmeric, rice,  flowers, diya, panchameva, coconut, paan, betel nuts, nav dhanya etc to Goddess Durga.  

After Dakshina offering, worship books which are used during Durga Puja while chanting mantra.Kanya Puja is also significant during Durga Puja. Hence after Durga Puja, girls are invited for the sumptuous meal and offered Dakshina

Using the wick, make and light the Akhand Jyoti (the lamp), and the aarti thaali which also contains pulses, dry fruits and spices. You can now perform the aarti to the Goddess.