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Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

Karnataka , Bangalore Urban

The renowned Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is located at Bangalore in state Karnataka, India. According to the legend, the temple was built by local Ganga Arasu community. These people or community is also called Vanniya Kula Kshatiriya and migrated from other part of India such as Tamil Nadu, Neelagiri, Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri areas. As per the folklore, the Ganga Arasu or Gonga Arasu kings constructed their cities close to river as well as set up various temples.  The renowned Dharmaraya Swamy temple was among one of them. It is also said that when the town was constructed by famous Kempe Gowda during 16th of century, the sacred Kempegowda towers also were set up in four sides of the town keeping Dharmaraya Swamy Mandir or temple as a main point.



The current temple structure has been renovated in 2009 yet it resembles ancient architectural style of famous Gangas, Vijayanagara and Pallavas. The Garbhagriha was designed in Ganga architecture, Vimanagopura in Pallava and Mukhmantapa in the architectural style of Vijayanagara. However, the fourth level of renovation of temple was done in Sabhangana and Rajagopura style.

Darsan Info

Timings : Temple timings : 7:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M and 6:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M

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Darsan Dresscode

Visitors are requested to wear modest clothing .Traditional wear is preferred on festival days.


The place is well known for its cloth market and flower and fruit shops and have visitors from all across Bangalore.

Location and Contact

Sri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Main Road, (OTC Road) Thigalarpet, Bangalore 560002

+91 8055334310; +91 9360017000

By Road: The Bangalore city is well connected with all other cities or towns of the country by roads.
By Rail or Train: The nearest railway station is Bangalore city railway station that connects it to all other parts of the state. From railway station visitors or pilgrims can hire buses, cars and taxis to reach at the temple.
By Air: The nearest airport, Kempegowda International Airport  is 10 km distance from Dharmaraya Swamy temple. 

Additional Info

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Temple Rituals

Morning pooja and Harathi at 7:00 A.M to Godesses Asta Lakshmi

Regular Offerings

Pooja and Harathi to Godesses Asta Lakshmi

Special Rituals

Bangalore Karaga is a famous festival celebrated in honour of Mother Goddess Draupadi. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil, which is also symbolic of the power of women.Karaga begins with the flag hoisting ceremony(Dhwajarohana). On the first day, the Veerakumaras and the priest wear janivara (sacred thread worn as a band over the left shoulder) and kankana(sacred thread tied on the wrist). Prayers are offered by the priest, the Veerakumaras and the Chakridaararu. From 2nd to 6th day, aarthi is performed in the evenings at the Cubbon Park shakti peeta and then at eight water sources used during the celebration. On the 6th day, women pray to Mother Draupadi Devi and perform an elaborate aarti. This ritual is also called as the festival of lights.The 7th day is known as Hasi karaga, during which, the goddess is symbolically readied for her marriage. She emerges from the lake, decorated as a bride and carries the kalasha(pot). The Veerakumaras pay their obeisances to her and escort her to the Sri Dharmarayaswamy Temple. On the 8th day, Pongal, prepared by the wives of the Veerakumaras, is offered to the goddess.On the full moon day, the marriage of the goddess is performed and the utsav murthis are taken in a procession. This procession is performed in the night and this is the famous Karaga procession. The procession does not stop anywhere and is always in a dynamic state. The Prasada of lime received from the goddess is said to bring relief from ailments and misfortunes. The 10th day is Shanthi pooje to Potha raja, a guardian deity and the brother in law of the Pandavas. The 11th day is Vasanta utsava and finally, the flag is brought down signalling the end of festivities.Interestingly, the Karaga priest has to perform austerities for six months before the Karaga and during this period, he wears his wife’s Mangala sutra. It is returned to the wife during a symbolic marriage ceremony on the 10th day of Karaga. She will not be seeing her husband from the time of Vijayadashami as he will reside in the temple till the Karaga is over. So when the Karaga procession stops in front of her house, unlike the other devotees, she cannot come out to be blessed.Gowdas, Ganacharyas, Chakridaararu are the ordained sects among the Vahnikula Kshatriyas to carry the tradition of conducting the Karaga. Chakridararu are those who perform the various pooja activities at the time of Karaga. These include the ghante poojaris, who are the gurus and carry out the temple rituals, the family of the Karaga priest, the descendants from the clan of Potaraja, Banka dasayya (announcers of the Karaga) and Kolkararu(messengers). These five families have a Kula purohita(clan priest), who is a Brahmin. He performs rituals as per the shastras (sacred texts). All the rituals are steeped in secrecy. Overall management and supervision of the festivities is done by Ganacharyas. All these categories of functionaries are supervised by the Gowdas, who ensure smooth functioning. Karaga or Karagaattam actually represents a dance by females, generally Devadasis.

Famous Festival

Bangalore Karaga

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