Wish your mom with these simple yet useful gifts

Each year, Mother’s Day presents itself as a day full of fervour and
gratitude towards the Moms of this world. It celebrates the purity and divinity
that is enshrined in this living being who we call our Mother.
Each year, children turn fickle as they try to find the right gift for
their mother – one that will express their love, respect and gratitude towards
To make things a tad bit easier, we have put together a few things,
which will make great gifts for Moms!


For the Devotee Mom

Finding the right gift for a pious Mother can be a daunting task. They may seem to have nearly all that they would ever want to have. But hey! There is always something missing in their mandir and something related to spirituality and prayer can certainly bring a smile to their faces. You can go for something like a handpicked set of attar from Manohar Sugandhalay or a brass flower pardi. For a devotee of Lord Shiva, you can gift something like an Abhishek Patra.


For the Décor-loving Mom

Finding something for a Mom who loves decorating the home from time to time is a fairly easy. But again, one needs to find something that she will definitely love. Our suggestion would be a 7-Chakra Tree or Wall Hanging, a decorative brass diya, a brass bell, or something as simple as an electric camphor diffuser.


For the Fragrance-crazy Mom

A fragrance lover may seem like an easy-peasy one when it comes to finding a gift but the maximum difficulty level is at the point of purchase. The best bet would be a mild fragrance, like sandalwood or Astagandha and certain floral scents, like Rose. You can opt for agarbattis, Iris diffusers, Camphor cones or Fragrance sachets for the wardrobe.


For the Organised Mom

These Moms love clutter-free homes so gifting them too many tiny items that might seem like duplicates of what they already have, is a big no-no. The best gift would be something that will make them organize their cozy mess-free homes even more. If your budget allows, then a Geeta Box would be one of the best gifts. Other interesting gifts can be a combined agarbatti and dhoop stick stand, a pooja thali set or a hawan set.


For the Bling-loving Mom

Most Moms love to add a little sparkle to their homes. If you are not really sure what your Mom might like, some of the decorative items or diyas in brass are the safest bet. You can find a diya is fancy or a hanging brass bell. You can also opt for a Kachuva Set in brass or a hanging brass diya.


For the Collector Mom

Finding something unique for a Collector Mom might be tricky but there is always something new in the market that you can gift her. For this Mom, you can go for a Brass Chimta to adjust a burning batti, a Geeta Box which comes with a collapsible book stand, a Brass Wall Bracket clubbed with a hanging diya, a set of minis – a mini glass, a mini vaati and a mini plate – or perhaps one of those special brass Lotas – like the Ashtavinayak Lota. The gifting options for these Moms are aplenty!


For the On-the-Go Mom

With most Mothers working these days, handling home and work can be difficult. These Moms would love something that will make their lives a little bit easier. What you can go for, is perhaps a wooden agardaan, a wooden cup dhoop holder or a japmala with a bag (if she is the type who does her daily jap). The wooden agardaan and dhoop holder will ensure that the ashes from the agarbatti and dhoop are collected neatly in the receptacle and she can dispose it later.


Whether these options appeal to you or not, we are sure this must have given you at least some inspiration as to what can make a perfect gift for your Mom.


If this article has inspired you, feel free to share it with your friends. Please also share your gifting ideas in the comments section below. We always love to hear about new gifting ideas!