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Copper Vaastu Triangular Helix Height 2.5 Inches (₹160)

Copper Vaastu Triangular Helix Height 2.5 Inches (₹160)

Crafted for Vastu, our Copper Vaastu Triangular Helix, 2.5 inches tall, harmonizes energies. Trusted in Vastu Shastra, it balances spaces, fostering positivity. Elevate your home's energy flow with this ancient Vastu tool.

The Copper Vaastu Helix is believed to enhance positive energy flow and correct Vaastu imbalances. According to Vaastu beliefs, installing it can address issues related to the northeast, cut corners, and other directional imbalances in a space, promoting harmony, well-being, and prosperity.

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  • Brand: Pilgrimaide
  • Model: 1734
  • Weight: 49.00g
  • Dimensions: 2.50in x 2.50in x 0.00in
  • SKU: 1734