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Aam ka Lakdi is used when performing hawan in Hindu religious ceremonies. It is made from Mango Wood, which is sustainable and eco-friendly, durable, stable, and naturally-resistant to insects and rot.   In Hindu mythology, the mango tree is often associated with Lord Shiva and is sa..
Dry gobar/ cow dung discs are used when performing different poojas, like Govardhan pooja. This cow dung is burned during a hawan. Cow dung is known to have medicinal benefits as it can purify the air. It is known to have disinfectant properties and therapeutic effect. Burning cow dung is be..
Brand: Manohar
Enhance your sacred rituals with Manohar - Vedmantra Havan Samgri. This meticulously crafted collection of premium havan ingredients ensures a divine experience. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance as you perform havans for prosperity, harmony, and blessings. Vedmantra Havan Samgri includes a..
Brand: Manohar
Experience divine rituals with Manohar - Vedmantra Havan Samgri, a sacred blend of premium ingredients for Vedic havans. Crafted to perfection, this authentic offering enhances your spiritual practices with purity and efficacy. Invoke blessings and positive energies with our meticulously curated hav..
The Navgraha Samidha is a pack of nine sticks representing each of the Navgrahas. This pack is used in a Navgraha Pooja, which is performed to improve the positive energies of these planets. It involves offering samidha sticks to the fire while chanting shlokas, and can include other offerings s..
Brand: Krishnamurari
Elevate your hawan ceremonies with Pandit ji Hawan Samgri. Our 100g pack contains a meticulously crafted blend of premium-quality sacred herbs and aromatic ingredients, ensuring a divine and auspicious atmosphere. Invoke positive energies and receive divine blessings during your rituals. With Pandit..
Samidha is used in many Indian rituals. It is a bundle of dry sticks with which the fire is invoked in any Yagya/Havan. These are dried sticks gathered from various sacred trees like Wad, Pimpal, Audumbar, Rui, Palas, Khair, Aghada, Mango, Saudand etc. carefully bought and bundled together. &nbs..
Brand: R.K
This packet of Hawan Jadi Buti contains dry puja material used in hawan rituals. It is typically composed of natural Ayurvedic herbs and can include items such as Til, Chawal, Chini bura, Jau, and Jadibuti.  Hawan is a Vedic ritual in which oblation consisting of ghee, navagraha sticks, seed..
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