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Sri Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi

Karnataka, Bellary

The Vittala Temple also known as Shri Vijaya Vitthala Temple dedicated to Lord Vitthala is loacted in the famous historical town of Hampi, Karnataka. The Temple is situated at the end of the ruined Vittala Bazaar and can be easily reached easily from all parts of Hampi. The renowned Vittala Temple dates back to the 15th century. It was built during the reign of King Devaraya II (1422 - 1446 A.D.), one of the rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire. Several portions of the temple were expanded and enhanced during the reign of Krishnadevaraya (1509 - 1529 A.D.), the most famous ruler of the Vijayanagara dynasty.


Krishnadevaraya (1509 - 1529 A.D.), the most famous ruler of the Vijayanagara dynasty. He played a significant role in giving the monument its present look. Legend has it that the temple was built as an abode for Lord Vishnu in his Vitthala form. However, the Lord had found the temple to be too grand for his use and had returned to live in his own humble home.


The Vittala Temple is presumed to be the grandest of all temples and monuments in Hampi. The temple exemplifies the immense creativity and architectural excellence possessed by the sculptors and artisans of the Vijayanagara era.The Vittala temple is built in the Dravidian style of architecture. It has traits and features that are characteristic of typical south Indian temple architecture. It is believed that the main shrine of the temple original...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : Temple timings : 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Morning pooja and Harathi at 8:30 A.M
Aarchana starts from 9:00 A.M onwards

Travel Support

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Darsan Dresscode

Clean and conservative clothing is preferred.


Hampi is one of finest historical sites of ancient age in the world. It was the initial capital city of famous historical Vijayanagara Empire located on the bank of Tungabhadra River about 11 km away from Hospet City. Hampi is a small location covered an area of 25 sq. km. and it is totally bounded by mountains by the three sites and rest one site is bordered by Tungabhadra River.

Location and Contact

Sri Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi, Bellary(Dist.), Karnataka 583239

By Air: Hampi has no airport of its own. Ballari (Bellary), situated at a distance of 64 km from Hampi is the closest airport. From Ballari visitors can proceed to Hampi by means of local transport.                                                                          
By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Hosapete (Hospet) Junction Railway Station, which is connected to several other towns and cities of Karnataka by means of regular trains. Hosapete is situated at a distance of around 10 km from Hampi.One of the easiest ways to reach Hampi from Hosapete is to board a bus. There are a few other means of local transport also to reach Hampi from Hosapete.

By Road: Hampi has a good road network and is connected to many towns and cities in Karnataka by this network. There are a lot of government and private buses that travel between Hampi and several towns and cities in the state.Visitors can also hire private cars, cabs or other vehicles from big cities like Bengaluru (Bangalore) or Mysuru (Mysore) to travel to Hampi.

Additional Info

  1. Hotel Mayura Vijayanagar (+91 839448270)
  2. Union Bank ATM, Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM
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Temple Rituals

Morning pooja and Harathi at 8:30 A.M
Aarchana starts from 9:00 A.M onwards

Regular Offerings

Harathi, Archana

Special Rituals

Not Found

Famous Festival

Radha sapthami
Vykunta eekadashi

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