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Sri Lokanath Temple Puri

Odisha, Puri

Situated in the town of Puri, Orrisa, Lokanatha temple is a famous temple deicated to Lord Shiva. The temple lies close to Jagannath temple. The temple was established in the 11th century. It is believed that the Lingam in the temple was established by Lord Rama.


As per ancient legend, Shree Rama worshiped Lord Shiva here before He headed to Sri Lanka to get back His wife Sita, taken away by Rakshasa raj Raavana. But when He reached the place, the Sabara tribal people offered Him a Lau (a local vegetable like pumpkin). Shree Ram gave it a shape of a Shiva Linga and worshipped the Almighty to empower him with strength and blessings before He left for the battle. From that day onwards the Shiva Linga is als...View more


The edifice is divided in four parts such as the Vimana, Jagamohana, Natamandapa and the Bhogamandapa. Mainly the temple is built by sandstones. The Vimana or the main temple is 30 feet from the ground. Majority of the temple is covered by marbles and no such detailed architectural significances are seen here. There is an image of Shiva and Shakti on the northern side of the wall and the eastern and the southern walls have images of Lord Karthike...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : Sri Lokanath Temple is open from 5.00 A.M - 12.00 P.M and 4.00 P.M - 9.00 P.M

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Darsan Dresscode

Modest and traditional clothing


The rich culture of Puri reflects the true spirit of the Odisha Society. Puri, the temple town of the state is the pious place where the Jagannath cult and the different other Indian cults, especially Vaishnavism are synthesizing. Besides the strong religious aspects, the temples of Puri are the assets of India that tells us the long lost century old stories. Pilgrims from other states and abroad visit the Shreekhetra all throughout the year and especially during the Ratha Yatra festival, Nabakalebar (executed in every 12 years), Chandana Snana and for different other religious zests.
The second most striking thing of their culture to witness is the enriched art. The art and crafts of Puri district is simply breathtaking. Catching a glimpse of the hand loom silk and cotton sarees to the pipli handicrafts can be an enticing exploration.
When it comes to performing art, Odisha has set its benchmark with the famous Odissi dance.  The gala dance celebration at the Sun Temple of Konark is worth mentioning in this regard. Every year the Konark Dance Festival is attended by many dance lovers across the country and the world to witness the hallmark performing art at the awe-inspiring shrine.

Location and Contact

Lokanatha Temple, Puri , Odisha

+91 6742432177

Devotees heading to Puri Shree Jagannath Temple visit the Lokenath Temple besides the Gundicha Bari, Markandeswar temple, Jameshwar Temple etc. The place is well connected with roadways and railways. The nearest railway station is Puri Railway Station and the nearby airport is at Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik Airport. Pilgrims landing at the airport have to take the roadways to reach Puri. The shrine of Lord Shiva is 3 km from the main Shri Jagannath Temple.

Additional Info

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    Asian Inn Hotel
  2. Yes
  3. Utkalika 0 km, Patachitra Centre 0 km, Main Market 1.4 km, Boyanika 1.7 km
  4. Yes
  5. Yes

Temple Rituals

Regular pooja by offering akanda flower, bilva patra and sandal paste.

Regular Offerings

The Shiva Lingam is offered with milk, curd, sandal paste, flowers, bilva patra, beetle leaves etc by the devotees all throughout the year.

Special Rituals

Pankoddhar Ekadashi is specially observed by the devotees three days before the Maha Shivratri Pujan when the Shiva Lingam comes out of the water. For the rest of the year the lingam of Shiva Maheshwar remains submerged into the water. It is believed that a stream of Ganga water keeps the lingam submerged until Maha Shivratri.

Famous Festival

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