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Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple

Karnataka, Bellary

The Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple, dedicated to Saint Kottureshwara, is a renowned temple situated in the Bellary district in Karnataka. Every year people throng to this temple to get blessings. This is one of the ancient temples in South India and lies 19 km away from Kudligi, a quaint village in Karnataka.


According to the legends, Nandi  was sent to the earth by Lord Shiva and Parvati to protect the Veerashaiva religion and the innocent people at Sarasipura/Shikapura (the earlier name of Kottur). Nandi disguised in a form of saint and reached Shikapura. The saint was later called by people as Kottureshwara (Kottu or Kodu in Kannada means "Give" and Eshwar means "Lord Shiva"), the one who gives blessings.


The temple of Shri Guru Kottureshwara has four shrines (Muttas) which can be classified as per the below details:Darbar Mutta or Doda Mutta - The big shrine or the king's assembly. In this shrine, Lord Kottureshwara solved the problems of the people.Murkal Mutta - Lord Nandi first descended and settled down in this shrine or Mutta.Gachina Mutta - Lord Kottureshwara meditated in this shrine and reached Lord Shiva.Thotal Mutta - The Lord blessed hi...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : The temple opens from 4:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to dress accordingly.


Karnataka, the IT hub of Indian Subcontinent, like every other destination, has its own distinctive characteristics. The contribution of Karnataka to the composite culture of India is no way inferior to that of any other region of India. Its contribution in the fields of art, music, religion and philosophy are exemplary. The culture of Karnataka is so vibrant that it adds new flavor to its very existence. Home to the famous Kottureshwara temple, Kottur draws in lakhs of visitors every year during the festive season, mainly between the months of January and April. Devotees are advised to dress accordingly.

Location and Contact

Kotturu, Karnataka 583134

Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple is well connected by rail, road and air. The nearest railway station is Kotturu Railway Station. The nearest airport is Vidyanagar Airport. Buses and auto are easily accessible.

Additional Info

  1. Durgaprasad Hotel
    Matthihalli Hotel
  2. Corporation Bank ATM
  3. Yes
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  5. Yes

Temple Rituals

Daily Prasadam will be served to devotees at Hire Mata. Devotees should visit Darbar Mutta first, then the remaining three shrines and then stay at Gachina Mutta or other Muttas.

Regular Offerings

Devotees offer flower garlands, coconuts and bananas to the Lord Kottureshwara during the  Guru Kottureshwara Theru (Rathothsava) which is held before the Mahashivarathri.

Special Rituals

During the full moon days, the temple gets crowded with devotees visiting the shrine.

Famous Festival


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