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Sas Bahu Temple

Rajasthan , Udaipur

With its elaborate yet intricate architecture standing testimony to the artistic wealth of the earlier eras stands the ruins of the twin shrines of Sas Bahu. It gets its name from original Sahastra-Bahu, meaning "One with thousand arms", a form of Vishnu that was worshipped here. Locals also call it Sas Bahu, depicting the two shrines as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The temple has witnessed many invasions from Mughals over various times in history. The temples are now in partial ruins but people come here to marvel at their original splendour.


Not much is known about the legend behind the temples except that it was built sometime during late 10th to early 11th centuries.


The twin temple complexes in Nagda epitomises the artisanship, skill and the architectural brilliance of the bygone eras.  The term 'Sas-Bahu' suggests 'Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law' respectively, depicting the two shrines. The Sas temple is surrounded by ten subsidiary shrines, while the Bahu temple is a five-shrined complex. The main entrance to the temples has a carved door and a multi-lobed arch in its middle. The temples are laid o...View more

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Timings : Guides are available who will take you around the temple and describe its various details

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative clothing


Udaipur, the erstwhile capital of Mewar dynasty is one of the major cities of Rajasthan. Popular for its history, culture, scenic locations and the Rajput-era palaces, Udaipur is a favoured destination of tourists from all around the world. About 25 kms from Udaipur, Nagda once served as the capital of Mewar Kingdom.

Location and Contact

Nagda Village, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is well connected to all major cities by air, rail and road. The temple around 25 km from Udaipur City railway station and 35kms from Udaipur airport Taxis or personal vehicles can be taken to reach Sas Bahu temple

Additional Info

  1. Udaipur has hotels, resorts and accommodation  for all budgets.
    Rajputana Udaipur (0294 329 6068)
    Cambay resort (092143 35549)
    The Amargarh resort (9079 2646 3724)
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  5. Yes (at Udaipur)

Temple Rituals

These days, temple doesn't conduct any rituals or pujas.

Regular Offerings

These days, temple doesn't conduct any rituals or pujas.

Special Rituals

These days, temple doesn't conduct any rituals or pujas.

Famous Festival

These days, temple doesn't conduct any rituals or pujas.

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