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Ranakpur Jain Temple

Rajasthan, Pali

Located in village of Ranakpur near Sadri town in the Pali district of Rajasthan, Ranakpur temple is one of the five major pilgrimages of the Jains. It is one of the largest and most important temples of Jain cult. The Ranakpur Jain Temple stands as an exquisite testimony to India's cultural heritage. The temple construction is believed to have begun in the 15th century.


At the age of thirty-two, Dharanashah visited Shatrunjaya, the foremost among all the places of Jain pilgrimage and took the vow to lifelong celibacy. After reaching the position of a Porwal Kumbha Rana, Dharanashah felt the spontaneous urge to build a temple of Lord Risabihadeva. The legend has it that one night, Dharanashah dreamt of a Nalinigulma Viman, which is considered to be the most beautiful among the celestial planes. Dharanashah decide...View more


Ranakpur Temple has close resemblance to Māru-Gurjara architectural style of Rajasthani craftsmen. The temple has approximately 1444 pillars. The temple ceilings are festooned with foliate scrollwork and geometric patterns. It has 24 pillared halls with 80 domes that are supported by 400 columns. There are beautiful carvings of nymphs playing flute. Each column is intricately carved and no two columns have the similar design.Picture Courtesy...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : Ranakpur Mandir is open from Sunrise to 5:00 P.M.
Articles like, eatables, drinking water, leather articles like belt, purse, carry bags are prohibited inside the temple.
Ladies during menstruation period should not enter the temple.
Cameras are allowed between 12.00 PM and 5.00 PM.
Foreigners have to pay an entry fee of INR 200.

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Darsan Dresscode

Short dresses are not allowed for both men and women while visiting Ranakpur Jain Mandir. Leather articles are also prohibited inside the temple.
Travel Support

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Pooja Samagri

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Ranakpur is known for the Adinath Temple. People adhere to ideologies of Jainism. Cleanliness and non-violence are the greatest virtues and can be witnessed easily at the temple campus. Apart from principles of Jainism, the culture here represent a very rich tradition of music and sculpting. As it's a Jain Temple, one must expect only the cuisines that adhere to Jain philosophy of non-violence.

Location and Contact

Ranakpur, Sadri town, Pali, Rajasthan

+91 2934285019

The Nearest Railway Station to Ranakpur is Falna. Ranakpur is easily accessed by road from Udaipur. Taxis and Buses are available from the Udaipur Airport which is the nearest airport.

Additional Info

  1. Accomodation availble near Ranakpur Temple-
    Ranakpur Hill Resort:+91 9829157303 
    Maharani Bagh Orchard Retreat: +91 2934285151
    Fateh Bagh Ranakpur: +91 2934286186
  2. Yes

Temple Rituals

Saamayik: a 'forty-eight' minute ritual is performed by devotees who seek forgiveness at the Ranakpur Jain Mandir.

Regular Offerings

Offering are optional but if a devotee intends to perform a Puja, they have to be very careful with the offerings. It is best to talk to a priest before making offerings.

Special Rituals

The biggest event in the Ranakpur Jain Mandir is the holy week of Paryushan in the month of August or September. Paryushan is concluded by three hour prayer called Pratikraman.

Famous Festival

April :- Mahavir Jayanti
August :- Paryushan week

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