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Nandikeshwari Temple, Saithia

West Bengal , Birbhum

The town of Sainthia in Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal houses the Nandikeshwari Temple, one of the Shakti Peethas in India. The present temple was built in 1913, the Bengali year of 1320. Maa Nandikeshwari is so named because it is believed that as the Devi was worshipped by Nandi, the divine bull of Mahadev - She is also known as Nandini. It is believed by the local devotees of Mata, that She fulfills the wishes of all the devotees who worship Her from their heart.


The history of the temple of Nandikeshwari Sakthi Pheet temple is linked with the event of Sati's self-sacrifice at the Yajna Sabha of Dakshya, Her father because the later insulted Her and Her Husband, Lord Shiva. It is believed that the neck-bone of the Devi's corpse fell here to form the Shakti-Peeth, when the Sudharshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu mutilated the corpse of Sati from the arms of Lord Shiva to reduce His rage.This temple is part of the...View more


The pyramidal dome of the red colored temple denotes the sanctum of Devi Nandini where she is also worshipped along with Her Bhairava, known as Nandikeshwar. No idol is there, the deity is worshipped as a tortoise shaped stone, which is dipped in vermillion. The deity is adorned with a silver crown and three golden eyes. Devotees tie a red or yellow dhaga (threads) on the ancient banyan tree located by the side of the temple for their wish fulfil...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : The temple gates remain open for the devotees from  6.00 AM to 10.00 PM. They are also allowed to take photographs of the deity inside the sanctum.

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Darsan Dresscode

There is no particular dress-code. But pilgrims are expected to be in conservative and fresh cloths while visiting the temple.


Known to be the 'mini-India' for its diverse geographical as well as cultural variations, West Bengal is also popular for housing over 14 shakti peeths. Coming back to the culture of this eastern state of India, since prior and the post-partition times, Bengal is famous for its enriched culture. From Darjeeling to the Sundarbans, and from Puruliya to the 'Rarh' area of Birbhum- each of the provinces has a unique cultural approach. Starting from the Bengali music, dance, theater, literature, art, and notwithstanding the mouthwatering cuisine- West Bengal has successfully created a mark for its exclusive aesthetics in the world panorama.

Location and Contact

Nandikeshwari Mandir, Saithia, Birbhum Dt, West Bengal 731234

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Hemanta Bhawan, 12 B.B.D. Bag (East), Kolkata-700 001 Phone: 033-4401 2086/4401 2082, Fax: 2231 4063

The temple is situated in just 1.5 kms from theSainthia Railway station. Devotees can also avail deluxe or government buses running from Kolkata to Saithia regularly.  Those who are arriving via flights will have to land at the Dumdum Airport in Kolkata and from there they have to travel 220 Km to reach Saithia by bus, car or by train.

Additional Info

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    Sarada Hotel 'n' Restaurant (in Suri)
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Temple Rituals

Apart from the Nitya Puja, worshipping and aarti, Mata Nandikeswari is offered with Anna-Bhoga (rice-meal) daily at noon. Later, the prasad is distributed among the darshanartis.

Regular Offerings

At Nandikeshwari sakthi pheet Temple , the devotees offer garlands made of crimson hibiscus flowers and crown flowers, bilva patra (leaves of the wood apple trees), petha- a type of Sweetmeat made of condensed milk and sugar, new clothes, incense and oil lamps.

Special Rituals

On the auspicious occasions of Buddha Purnima or Baishakhi Purnima (full moon) and on Kali Puja, special pujas and yajnas are performed in this temple of Sainthia.

Famous Festival

April -    Baishakhi Purnima or the Buddha Purnima
November - Kali Puja (All Amavasyas)
An annual festival is held at the Nandikeswari Temple on every Autumn.

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