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Mankameshwar Temple

Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad

Mankameshwar temple lies in the banks of river Yamuna, near Saraswathi Ghat. This is one of the prominent and old Shiva temples of Allahabad which is also known as Pishach Mochan Tirtha. The temple is under the jurisdiction of Jagath Guru Shankaracharya and is run and mainted by the trust.


According to the legends, when Devi Sita bathed in the Sangam and she wished to pray to Lord Shiva. But there was no Lord Shiva temple nearby the Sangam. Lord Shri Ram built a new temple forDevi Sita, thus fulfilling her wish and hence the name of this temple became Mankameshwar. Even now  it is believed that honest wishes made in this temple are fulfilled.This Temple is part of Maha Kumbh Mela.


The Mankameshwar temple is a small structure and the main idol of the temple is a  north facing black stone lingam Shivling . The Shivling is installed on top of a 80-feet high hillock among picturesque surroundings. It is said that the 3 and a half feet Shivling is much deeper underground and it was installed by Lord Ram while going to Chitrakoot. In the complex of Mankameshwar temple another Shivling is installed which is known as 'Rann Mu...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : The temple is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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Darsan Dresscode

People are requested to be appropriately attired.


Allahabad is an important pilgrimage destination in the Ganges plain. The city of Allahabad is among the largest in the cities of Uttar Pradesh as well as the holiest, which in ancient times was called as prayagraj. The city was named so in the year 1583 by akbar the mughal emperor. The name is actually derived from Allah, which in Arabic and islam meant god.

Location and Contact

Mankameshwar Temple, Parade Ground Rd, Allahabad fort Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211003

+91 5322557321

The nearest airport to Mankameshwar Temple is Bamrauli Air Force Base Airport , Allahabad which is 13 km away from Mankameshwar Temple .                                                   
The nearest railway station to Mankameshwar Temple is Allahabad Jn Train Station which is 4 km away from Mankameshwar Temple.

Additional Info

  1. Tulip House
    Ankur Guest House
  2. HDFC ATM, SBI ATM, Punjab National Bank ATM
  3. Yes
  4. Yes, in Allahabad
  5. Yes

Temple Rituals

There is a daily decoration ritual of the shrine of God Shiva.
Rudrabhishek is the main ritual, which is performed here by the priest and devotees, simultaneously.

Regular Offerings

Main offering in the temple include milk, garland of bilva leaves, garland of mandar, roses, marigold and bhang. Devotees believe that after performing abhishekam to lord Siva here,ones wish will be fulfilled.

Special Rituals

The most important day in the temple is Shivratri on which day special poojas are conducted.
During Shravan month special abhishek is performed and Shiv Chalisa is chanted by 108 priests.

Famous Festival


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