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Lokanarkavu Temple

Kerala, Kozhikode

Situated in Memunda, Kozhikode, Lokanarkavu Temple is an ancient temple deicated to Goddess Durga. It is the official temple of 500 Aryan Nagariks and their successors who had migrated to Kerala. The temple is listed as a must view site in the Incredible India campaign by Government of India.


According to the legends, the temple was built by the 500 Aryan Nagariks and their successors who had migrated to Kerala. It is believed that the goddess accompanied the Aryans from the previous place of stay. According to another legend, thousand years back, a quarrel broke out between the family members of the Zamorin royal family. One part of the family members crossed the river and they brought along with them an idol of Goddess. They settled...View more


Even though shrine of Lord Vishnu is the oldest, believed to  consecrated by Sage Parasurama, there are not much carving there. Shrine of Lord Siva sports some, but the shrine of Goddess Durga is where they all are. This temple is said to be in Athyuthama state while most of the other Goddess temples in Kerala are in Madhyama and rarely in Uthama state.

Darsan Info

Timings : Lokanarkavu temple which is associated with the heroes and heroines of the Vadakkanpattu combines an arresting simplicity and a legendary aura. The legendary martial hero, Thacholi Othenan was a great devotee of the goddess 'Lokanarkavil Amma'. He used to seek her blessings before going for any duel, and even today Kalaripayattu artists seek her blessings before their debut.

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Kozhikode has made substantial contribution to the cutlure of the land. The district is famous for folk songs or ballads known as Vadakkan Pattukal. The most popular songs celebrate the exploits of Thacholi Othenan and Unniyarcha. Kozhikode also has a strong associations with ghazals and football.

Location and Contact

Sri Lokanarkavu Temple Sidhasamaj PO Vadakara, Kerala 673 101

+91 4962527444

Vadakara Railway Station (also spelt Badagara Railway Station) is the nearest railway station to reach Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi Temple. Situated on the Kozhikode - Mangalore railway line, some of the major trains passing through Vadakara Railway Station include Kannur Express, Parasuram Express, Mangalore Mail, Malabar Express, Chennai Mail, Maveli Express, West Coast Express, Netravathi Express, and Ernakulam Express. Lokanarkavu Temple is situated at Memunda about 6 km from Vadakara. National Highway 17 passes through Vadakara, and the place is around 48 km north of Kozhikode. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and several private bus owners operate frequent bus services to Memunda. The nearest airport to reach Lokanarkavu Temple is Karipur International Airport (Calicut International Airport), which is around 87 km away.

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  1. The North Park Link Road Junction, Edapally - Panvel Hwy, Vadakara, Kerala 673104 Phone:0496 252 6922 Gayatri International Vatakara - Thiruvallur - Perambra Rd, Edodi, Vadakara, Kerala 673101 Phone:095263 55015 Theertha International Edapally - Panvel Hwy, Payyoli, Kerala 673522 Phone:0496 260 4046
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Temple Rituals

There is a legend related to the rituals at Lokanarkavu. A devotee of Chingapuram used to worship Lokanarkavilamma. When he became old, he built a temple at his native place with blessings of the Goddess and this deity was known as Kongannoor Bhagavathi. This deity is believed to be the younger sister of Lokanarkavilamma. During festival, uchchal ezhunellathu is held, where Lokanarkavillamma is taken out in procession to Kongannoor temple by night. The two sisters meet and the younger one falls asleep on elder one's lap. At midnight, the elder one leaves without her sister knowing it, proceeds to Keezhoor Siva Temple and returns next day morning to Lokanarkavu.

Regular Offerings

Neyyamrith, Erati-payasam, pushpanjali, thettimala and niramala are important offerings for Lokanarkavilamma, of which Eratti-payasam is considered highly propitious. There is also an offering of valiya-vattala-payasam made out of 101 naazhis of rice, 401 coconuts, 12 kg of molasses, 8 kg sugar, 10 kg banana, 4 kg ghee, one kg dry ginger, 250 gm cumin, 100 gm cardamom and 100 kadali plantain. Paalpayasam, archana, kalabha charth and thulasi mala are main offerings for Vishnu and dhaara, koovala mala, naipayasam and nai vilakku for Siva.

Special Rituals

The poora-mahotsavam was introduced around 1840. It is marked with kavootu, paatu and traditional dance by Theyyampatti Kurups. On the final day of the festival, poorappattu and poorakali are held. The bali-idol of Goddess is taken for aarattu along with those of Vishnu and Siva. On return, Goddess first enters the Devi shrine followed by other two. After Sreebhootha bali, the idols are taken out for uccha paatu. Idols are returned after Pooja at paatupura and Poorakkali. While the Goddess is returning the bell is rung to ensure that no one is inside the akathe-balivattam. This is known as Maniyital.

Famous Festival

Lokanarkavu Utsavam, which lasts for 41 days, is held during the Malayalam month of Vrischikam (mid November to mid December). It is locally known as Mandalavilakku Festival or Mandala Utsavam. The unique feature of the festival is that it is only here a folk dance called Thacholikali is performed during the temple festival. Thacholikali is similar to the traditional martial art form called Kalarippayattu.

Pooram is in the month of March \ April

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