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Kotilingeshwara Temple

Karnataka, Kolar

Situated in Kolar, Karnataka, Kotilingeshwara Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kotilingala Temple is well known for housing the tallest Shiva Linga in the world, measuring 108 ft (33 m). Koti in Kannada means One Crore. Linga is an alias of statue of Lord Shiva. As the name itself signifies, together it's Koti-Linga, (Crore Statues). Lord Kotilingeshwara temple spans over 13 acres of land in Kammasandra. The first Linga was installed on 10th October 1980, followed by many Lingas in the subsequent years.


The Kotilingeshwara temple was initiated with the intent of installing 1 crore lingas. Koti means crore (10 million) in Sanskrit and hence the name "Kotilingeshwara".This temple is part of Mukti Kshetra Darshan.


A huge Nandi (Nandishwara - the Vahana of Shiva) which is 35 feet (11 m) tall lies in front of this huge Shiva Linga. The Nandi stands on a platform which is about 4 feet in height. Kotilingeshwara temple is a modern marvel that is still developing with the efforts of devotees. About eleven small temples of various deities are constructed within the premises. A water tank is also present for performing Abhishekam to the Lingam.Picture Cour...View more

Darsan Info

Timings :

Visitation is allowed to the public from early morning to 9:00 PM
There is an entry fee to Kotilingeshwara temple.
Camera is allowed in the complex for a fee.
Mantap or Rest House Facility is available for the devotees for free.

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Darsan Dresscode

There is no specific dress code to visit Kotilingeshwara Temple but clean and conservative clothing is suggested.
Camera is allowed in the complex for a fee.

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Karnataka is a place where Adi Shakracharya established the first of his 4 Matts. The state has a localised version of various art forms, like dance, drama, and music, based on Bharatnatyam, Carnatic, Yakshanaga, etc. Karnataka has an amalgamation of both the South Indian and the Hinudstani art forms. It is the centre of Carnatic music. South Indian cuisines have spread to various parts of India, from here. It has been the seat of learning, religion, and vedic philosophy since the ancient times.

Location and Contact

Kotilingeshwara Temple,Tirumakudalu Narasipura Taluk, Mysore, Karnataka - 571124

+91 8153277530, +91 8050387257

Kotilingeshwara temple is situated 6 KM away from KGF and around 13 KMs from the Bangarapet railway station. Kotilingeshwara can be reached by road from Bangalore via Kolar, Bangarapet route. Public and private transportation is easily available.

Additional Info

  1. Accomodation available near Kotilingeshwara temple:- 
    • Silvan Villa Resort +91 8884440057+91 8884440057
    • Sri Sai Hotel +91 9538697491+91 9538697491
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

Temple Rituals

At Kotilingeshwara temple, Poojas are performed to all the installed lingas every day at 6.00 AM and 6.00 PM by 10 Priests along with Drums and Music and is a splendid sight to witness. . Abhishekam is offered to every single Linga.

Regular Offerings

Laddos and Prasadam are the regular offerings at Kotilingeshwara temple.

Special Rituals

The Devotees can offer their prayers to Lord Kotilingeshwara by installing Lingas and the price depends on the size of Lingas.
Unmarried women, wishing for a happy married life, tie a yellow thread around the NagaLinga (Canon Ball) Tree.

Famous Festival

March:- Mahashivratri

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