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Kartik Swami Temple Rudraprayag

Uttarakhand, Rudraprayag

Dedicated to Lord Shiva's elder son Kartikeya, Kartik Swami Temple in located at an altitude of 3050 Mts above sea level near Kanak Chauri village on Rudraprayag. The temple is known for its idol of Lord Kartikeya which is naturally craved on a marble type rock.


According to the legends, once a competition was held between Lord Katikeya and Lord Ganesha that the person who take seven rounds of the universe first will have the privilege of being worshiped first. Ganesha took seven rounds around Shiva and Parvati telling them that his parents are his universe, while Kartikeya faithfully circled the universe. Impressed by Ganesha, Shiva gave him the honour of being worshipped before anyone. Angered by this,...View more


The temple is a marvel for its location rather than the temple structure. As with most Hindu temples, the Kartik Swami temple at Rudraprayag, has a pyramidical top with a modest cornice around the roof and an ornamental crown. The front of the temple has many bells and a boardwalk like structure leads to the temple at the edge of the hill.

Darsan Info

Timings : Kartik Swami Temple  is open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Travel Support

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Darsan Dresscode

No specific dress code to visit Kartik Swami Temple wear comfortable and warm clothes as it is almost a 3 Km trek amidst Himalayas.


Rudraprayag is a confluence of holy pilgrimages at one of the most spiritual locations in India. Long trek have brought people from different states together and serve one ultimate spiritual objective. Garhwali Culture continues to flourish here with all the positive influences of modern world. To say the least, it's an amalgamation of influences from different traditions of the immigrants settled here through out the history. Agriculture, tourism and religion is a way of life.

Location and Contact

Kartik Swami Temple, Malkhi, Uttarakhand - 246425

Distance form Rudraprayag to Kanakchauri is 40kms , jeeps and bus available till 2-3 pm in the afternoon , takes around 2.5 hours. Trekking to Karik swami temple is 3kms. Buses also available from Haridwar/Rishikesh for Rudraprayag.

Additional Info

  1. Hotels near Kartik Swami Temple are:-

    Mayadeep Holiday Home +91 8193972716

Temple Rituals

Puja and Chanting

Regular Offerings

Prasadam, Flowers, Incense

Special Rituals

Skanda Puran & Shiv Mahapuran Path in June

Famous Festival

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